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JR: Resolved - Add keyboard shortcuts to split-screen typing mode - update 28mar2014 - added a few more: ctrl+J - bare display that shows only the single textarea box for writing. no border, no nav bar, no buttons, no links. ctrl+H - bare display per above except textarea box is only five lines tall. ctrl+D - chang... more>>
- Mar 28, 2014 - #inprogress #junco #resolved

JR: In Progress - Migrating content to live site - Use simple REST API to migrate my real content from this Jot Hut test site and from Toledo Talk into the live Jot Hut site. From test jot jut select * from content where type in ('b','m') and status='o' order by id asc Preserve all the data excep... more>> 4 min read
- Dec 07, 2013 - #junco #juncotodo #inprogress

JR: In Progress - Add webmention client code to Junco - #inprogress Good example of either an Indie Web comment/reply or WebMention: generic microformats-2 parser. It doesnt have a hard-coded list of all the different microformats, just a set of procedures to ha... more>> 16 min read
- Oct 21, 2013 - #inprogress #webmention #indieweb #browns #junco #juncotodo #comments

JR: In Progress - Junco end-user testing - #inprogress #juncotodo add webmention info - webmention endpoint for receiving mentions - in reply to comment in microblog posts Manually testing the Junco Web app like a user with a browser. Related: Junco user actions Homepage Logged-out... more>> 23 min read
- Oct 17, 2013 - #inprogress #juncotodo #testing

JR: In Progress - Add Microformats support - Open Graph - - [enough completed for now on 7oct2013] Microformats - - [in progress. slowly adding new ones] For Webmention support for the source posts: meta name=author content=Jeremy Keith / Open Graph info: [completed 7oct2013] m... more>>
- Oct 07, 2013 - #indiewebcampuk #webmention #juncotodo #inprogress

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