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JR: Programming Things To-Do - Actually, these should have been completed by Mar 31, 2014. I created this list on Apr 1, 2014. The goal is to have all items completed by the end of April 2014, except for maybe the last one. Creating an SPA would be fascinating may take more time ... more>>
- Apr 01, 2014 - #programming #todo #juncotodo #kinglettodo

JR: Fix video embeds for Facebook and Kickstarter videos - These commands work at Toledo Talk but not here. #juncotodo
- Mar 28, 2014

JR: This is a line of text that gets automatically made into a title. the text to the first newline is the title. if the text exceeds X-number of characte - rs, then the title is made from a substring. responding to: what if i change my code for blog/article posts where a title only gets created if either the Textile or Markdown/MultiMarkdown heading-one syntax is used? but what about RSS feeds?... more>> 1 min read
- Mar 12, 2014 - #juncotodo #blogging #writing #design

JR: JQuery animation flicker on iPad - When using the mmenu with a fixed position header on iPad, and the screen has been scrolled down a bit, the screen has an annoying flicker when expanding and closing the menu. Well From what I understood. It's a problem from the recalculation of ... more>>
- Feb 05, 2014 - #menu #juncotodo #jquery

JR: Add sync scroll to splits screen editor - Maybe. #juncotodo - #javascript
- Jan 14, 2014

JR: Add JSON version of RSS - Example JSON versions of RSS: Sample: { title:WebMention, description:A modern alternative to Pingback., link:http:\/\/\/, source:{ url:http:\/\/\/u\/sull\/DevLog, ... more>>
- Dec 15, 2013 - #juncotodo

JR: In Progress - Migrating content to live site - Use simple REST API to migrate my real content from this Jot Hut test site and from Toledo Talk into the live Jot Hut site. From test jot jut select * from content where type in ('b','m') and status='o' order by id asc Preserve all the data excep... more>> 4 min read
- Dec 07, 2013 - #junco #juncotodo #inprogress

JR: Change the way embedding data works. - For videos. Just drop in the URL instead of part of the URL after a command, as I do now. "Go Ahead and Embed" #juncotodo
- Dec 01, 2013

JR: Junco Curl testing - Logging in curl -i -d "email=test@test.compassword=strongpass" http// Successful login returned response: HTTP/1.1 302 Found Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2013 22:36:35 GMT Server: Apache Set-Cookie: juncouserid=3; more>>
- Nov 19, 2013 - #juncotodo #testing #curl

JR: Fix test scripts for lib locations - lib location and a URL is hard-coded in scripts. Fix this, so that test scripts don't have to be edited first before execution. I had to install the WWW::Mechanize module, which was a big install, in order to run the scripts. Replace the usage o... more>>
- Nov 18, 2013 - #juncotodo

JR: Don't show related articles for old versions of articles - Example The related articles list appears at the bottom of the old version. Skip that, possibly along with some other links, such as versions, source, etc. when displaying an old version of an article. #juncotodo
- Nov 07, 2013

JR: Correct title tag for related articles page - Currently, it says "Backlinks for" instead of "Related articles for." Example: #juncotodo
- Nov 07, 2013

JR: What Twitter's IPO Means - #socialmedia #startup "Not a word about last months wildly successful IPO by Potbelly, a 36-year-old sandwich purveyor that actually makes money." "Nothing about the Container Store, which went public last week and promptly doubled in value thank... more>> 2 min read
- Nov 05, 2013 - #socialmedia #startup #juncotodo

JR: In Progress - Add webmention client code to Junco - #inprogress Good example of either an Indie Web comment/reply or WebMention: generic microformats-2 parser. It doesnt have a hard-coded list of all the different microformats, just a set of procedures to ha... more>> 16 min read
- Oct 21, 2013 - #inprogress #webmention #indieweb #browns #junco #juncotodo #comments

JR: Fix CSS for tagscountstop display - #juncotodo #css when resizing, the boxes should center within the page. sample code to test: !doctype html html head meta charset=UTF-8 / meta name=viewport content=initial-scale=1, width=device-width / style # column_container { width: 5... more>>
- Oct 18, 2013 - #juncotodo #css

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