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JR: Programming Things To-Do - Actually, these should have been completed by Mar 31, 2014. I created this list on Apr 1, 2014. The goal is to have all items completed by the end of April 2014, except for maybe the last one. Creating an SPA would be fascinating may take more time ... more>>
- Apr 01, 2014 - #programming #todo #juncotodo #kinglettodo

JR: Improve authentication for the Kinglet API at - Try to enable SSL at Soupmode. OAuth may be too technical to implement at Soupmode. Should at least implement basic authentication, maybe? #kinglettodo - #kinglet
- Mar 07, 2014

JR: Kinglet API - Each function is preceded with /api/v1. Users Except for activating a user account, URIs for GETs and PUTs end with a query string: /?user_name=[user_name]user_id=[user_id]session_id=[session_id retrieve profile page info for user name JR. GET ... more>> 6 min read
- Mar 07, 2014 - #todo #kinglettodo #api #programming

JR: Feb 2014 changes to make to Kinglet - modify any necessary JSON returned by API Features to Add Delete Message ability to delete a message sent? unsure about this. will not implement for now. Approved List completed Feb 2014 User A requests to be added to a user B's accepted o... more>> 2 min read
- Feb 25, 2014 - #kinglet #kinglettodo

JR: Kinglet Directory - Kinglet API API-first-development design Simple login screen for Kinglet Kinglet curl testing installs at Soupmode Soupmode nginx config App idea to learn new code #kinglet - #kinglettodo
- Dec 03, 2013

JR: Simple login screen for Kinglet - -- Very simple login using Perl, jQuery, Ajax, JSON and MySQL #kinglettodo
- Nov 21, 2013

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