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JR: Add emoji support to Kinglet at Soupmode - September 2015 This request was submitted by my 10-year-old niece. Use emoji module and images from this app which hosts its code at more>>
- Sep 15, 2015 - #emoji #todo #kinglet

JR: Kinglet Distributed Feature - October 2014 - Update Oct 17, 2014: I decided to back out these changes and not attempt to implement a distributed system right now. I'll save the modules below in a separate directory for future reference. Sending a request to be added to a user account that's loc... more>>
- Oct 17, 2014 - #todo #kinglet

JR: Kinglet User and Programmer Documentation - file #kinglet - #api - #rest - #json Example usage: It's a simple, web-based, private messaging app. It uses a basic, responsive design. It contains only a small number of functions. It's part microblog, part e-mail, and part message bo... more>> 14 min read
- Mar 19, 2014 - #kinglet #api #rest #json

JR: Feb 2014 changes to make to Kinglet - modify any necessary JSON returned by API Features to Add Delete Message ability to delete a message sent? unsure about this. will not implement for now. Approved List completed Feb 2014 User A requests to be added to a user B's accepted o... more>> 2 min read
- Feb 25, 2014 - #kinglet #kinglettodo

JR: Kinglet web app to-dos - for perl client code on server, change action 'showmessage' to 'message.' in message db table, add one or more of the following columns: - last_message_date - last_message_author_name - last_message_id for the message that starts a new 'thread,' ... more>>
- Feb 11, 2014 - #kinglet #resolved

JR: Probably my favorite Web apps to use and create - blog microblog message board wiki messaging My Junco code (2013) powers Junco uses a good bit of code from Parula (2005) that powers the current version of message board site Parula contains wiki features that found in ... more>> 1 min read
- Jan 15, 2014 - #perl #programming #junco #kinglet #blog_jr

JR: Kinglet Directory - Kinglet API API-first-development design Simple login screen for Kinglet Kinglet curl testing installs at Soupmode Soupmode nginx config App idea to learn new code #kinglet - #kinglettodo
- Dec 03, 2013

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