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JR: Article Design Options - Minimal layout. Responsive Design. Uses Google fonts. These four examples use the jQuery plugin mmenu for the sliding menus. Article One Article Two Article Three Article Four I prefer the article page not contain a menu navigation area nor a ha... more>> 2 min read
- Nov 14, 2014 - #cms #design #menu #blog_jr

JR: Slide-in menus versus navigation bars - #design - #menu - #mobile
- May 16, 2014

JR: JQuery animation flicker on iPad - When using the mmenu with a fixed position header on iPad, and the screen has been scrolled down a bit, the screen has an annoying flicker when expanding and closing the menu. Well From what I understood. It's a problem from the recalculation of ... more>>
- Feb 05, 2014 - #menu #juncotodo #jquery

JR: Another way to display nav menu on a small screen - This example code slides the menu to the left from the right side. #responsive - #design - #javascript - #menu
- Oct 18, 2013

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