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Minimal layout. Responsive Design. Uses Google fonts.

These four examples use the jQuery plugin mmenu for the sliding menus.

I prefer the article page not contain a menu navigation area nor a hamburger icon menu selection. And I now prefer that the header area not be fixed. I want the article page to focus on the content. The article page can contain a home link at the top and maybe a search link. The site's menu options can be listed on the home page. I'd like to see the article page kept clean.

These pages use Font Awesome icons for menu links at the top corners. Google Fonts are used. The font family and the font size for the main content area for each article are listed below. More font information is contained at the bottom of each web page.

These pages use real text from my pizza-making blog post, except that the text contained within the sample pages below is incomplete and out of order. It's not the entire post. It's just placeholder text. The same photos are used as placeholders too.

These sample pages contain an actual Toledo Blade news story. I do not have their permission to reproduce the content, so this may not stay here. I wanted an example of real news story. I would pay for content displayed like this.

Here's the Toledo Blade story

My examples:

  • TB 1 - Open Sans, 125%
  • TB 2 - Open Sans, 1.2em
  • TB 3 - Merriweather, 1.15em
  • TB 4 - Merriweather, 1.2em
  • TB 5 - Droid Serif, 1.2em

I like the font family and size setup for numbers 2 and 3 the best. I think that site owners should include a text-resizer option on their sites, so that users can adjust the text size, according to their eyes and the devices that they are using.

It's easy to change the font size for a web page when using a browser on a desktop or laptop, but most reading today is done on a mobile device. Site owners should make it simple for users to change the font size when the page is being viewed on a phone or tablet.

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