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JR: Custom Toledo-area weather Web site - See also Weather test pages to use Toledo Express hourly forecast xml file use: temp, wind speed, wind direction, sky cover %, and precip chance Using this XML file for Lucas County weather conditions and forecasts. Mobile friendly, respons... more>> 4 min read
- Mar 03, 2014 - #weatherapp #programming #design #jquery #javascript #toledo #blog_jr

JR: JQuery animation flicker on iPad - When using the mmenu with a fixed position header on iPad, and the screen has been scrolled down a bit, the screen has an annoying flicker when expanding and closing the menu. Well From what I understood. It's a problem from the recalculation of ... more>>
- Feb 05, 2014 - #menu #juncotodo #jquery

JR: Twitter Bootstrap - It uses and . Interesting examples: [X] A Twitter example: #design - #javascript - #jquery - #css
- Dec 19, 2013

JR: Simple Toledo area weather web app - The content below the horizontal line is from a June 25, 2013 post with updated link location. The section was added to the app after this June 2013 post, so it does not appear in the screen shot below. The thread Sev... more>> 1 min read
- Sep 21, 2013 - #weatherapp #jquery #blog_jr

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