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JR: Interesting viewpoint on content production - I guess that I made this quote in February 2014, although I'm unsure why. I must have been reading something related. The web app's publishing ease-of-use produces quantity. Honing the quantity produces quality. Organizing the quality produces ea... more>>
- Sep 09, 2014 - #jothut #junco #blogging #wiki #editor #quote #media #design

JR: Personal Knowledgebase Systems - JotHut Uses - Junco User Documentation Obviously, my personal KMS is the Junco code that powers JotHut. Even though Junco was designed to power a community site with its features that allow following users, following tags, and posting replies to oth... more>> 1 min read
- Sep 05, 2014 - #jothut #junco #cms #kms #notes #blog_jr

JR: JotHut About - Jot : to write down. Hut : humble dwelling. JotHut is a personal website, used to house notes, bookmarks, thoughts, and other writings. Other uses. This site is powered by homemade code called Junco. #jothut
- May 19, 2014

JR: Creating a Webmention blog reply post at JotHut - div class=note-text entry-content e-content p-name my reply/comment/webmention post text here. can include the target link (post replying to) within the div statements or can put this link outside of the divs. depending upon the software used by t... more>>
- Oct 23, 2013 - #webmention #indieweb #jothut #junco

JR: JotHut Editing How-To - Microblog posts which are created by typing in the small window on the home page cannot be edited. Blog posts (long form posts) can be edited. If you need to edit a blog post, click the "EDIT" link at the top or bottom of the page when viewing the ... more>> 2 min read
- Oct 23, 2013 - #resolved #jothut #junco

JR: JotHut Help - stub - info later #jothut
- Aug 14, 2013

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