Creating a Webmention blog reply post at JotHut

<div class="note-text entry-content e-content p-name">

my reply/comment/webmention post text here.

can include the target link (post replying to) within the div statements or can put this link outside of the divs.

depending upon the software used by the target, the text within this e-content div may get displayed on the target website.

After creating this reply post, then grab the URL for this post and post it at the target's website if the target website provides a text input field to accept webmention URLs.

At the moment, the Junco code powering JotHut does not automatically search this source post for an external URL and then seek out the target's webmention end point to automatically post the source URL. 


Replying to this <a rel="in-reply-to" class="u-in-reply-to" href="">post</a>  by user Mr. X.

#webmention - #indieweb - #jothut - #junco

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