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Junco is a web-based publishing tool, used to house notes, bookmarks, thoughts, and other writings.

The app can be setup as a community site with social features, such as following users, following tags, and adding replies. Or it can be setup as a personal publishing site.

It's built with basic Perl and MySql

Example Usage

App Uses

  • Wiki
  • To-Dos
  • How-Tos
  • Notebook
  • Taxonomy
  • Blogging
  • Micro Blogging
  • Community Site
  • Idea Organizer
  • Content Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Personal Publishing System
  • Personal Information Management
  • 'Memory Extender'
  • 'Information Appliance'
  • 'Work Processor'

It's a tool to store and retrieve information.


  • Multiple-user mode
  • Single-user mode
  • Customizable profile page
  • Basic string search
  • Hashtags
  • Short microblog posts or notes
  • Long blog posts or articles
  • Option for specially-formatted blog home page
  • Keeps old versions of blog posts
  • Can revert back to old blog post version
  • Public, private, or draft blog posts
  • Blog post headers can create table of contents
  • Differences between blog post versions
  • Markup support: Textile, Markdown, Multimarkdown, and some HTML
  • Special embed commands for other media types
  • Can view markup source for posts created by others
  • Shows related articles based upon hashtags
  • RSS feeds
  • Archives display for blog posts
  • Redirect command
  • Additional text commands to control blog post display and functionality
  • Simple and enhanced writing areas for blog posts
  • Embed RSS or Atom feeds within a blog post
  • Embed all or parts of other blog posts
  • Custom Textile-like formatting commands
  • Social features, such as following users, following tags, and replies.
  • Wiki-style linking with double-brackets surrounding blog title
  • Text resizer
  • Numerous stream displays
  • Accepts Indieweb Webmentions (remote replies)
  • Uses some Open Graph and Microformats2 markup
  • Progressive enhancement
  • Responsive design

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