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My Junco code (2013) powers JotHut.com. Junco uses a good bit of code from Parula (2005) that powers the current version of message board site ToledoTalk.com. Parula contains wiki features that found in Junco with slight changes.

Going forward, I can create derivatives from the Junco code, such as stripped-down, stand-alone blog, microblog, and wiki apps. Why? Maybe for the heck of it. I don't know.

Junco is basic, Perl CGI code that uses a database. Simple. Maybe I would like to try using Dancer/Plack with my Junco code.

Maybe I would have a need for a simpler blog or microblog tool without all of the other functions found in Junco.

Of course, the derivatives would have their own features added. And maybe some code changes would get added back to Junco.

Maybe it's simply fun hobby coding. Hacking. Something to do when time permits.

I would like to use Junco code to create a simple, Web-based messaging app that functions like a microblog tool except that it's private, and it only works when a post is directed at one or more users.

I would create or prototype this app with the Perl Junco code, and then re-create it in NodeJS to learn that programming environment.

Update: related to the above two paragraphs, the Web app was mostly completed in December 2013. the code is called Kinglet, and it powers Soupmode.com.

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