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Sat, Nov 16, 2013 Toledo Christmas shopping

Buying gifts for family from local people who sell their items at art and craft shows.

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First, we attempted to visit the Toledo Farmers Market, but Toledo's holiday parade was occurring or had just ended, so roads were blocked off, and we decided to skip the market.

We parked along Adams Street in Uptown. We shopped at "Make it Indie" the alternative/indie craft fair. A lot of creative people selling fascinating items. Jewelry, knitting/crochet, sewing, etc. Holiday music played.

A couple interesting vendors:

After shopping and browsing at Make it Indie, we visited the Black Kite Coffee shop, near the Old West End. We ate bagel bombs, drank coffee, and relaxed at the coffee shop. We got hand pour coffees to go.

Then we shopped at the "Toledo Maker's Mart Fair" at The Grand Lobby of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Plaza, in the Amtrak Station. I'm unsure how long this event has been held, but it our first time, and it was excellent. It held a large group of very creative people selling a wide variety of crafty/arty items. Very fun.

The creativity is inspiring. Many people today now also sell online, especially at Etsy. It was interesting to note the number of vendors who were young, under the age of 35. And a lot of young people were shopping too. Good to see. The artists/cratfspeople are not strictly of retirement age. Maybe sites like Pinterest generate interest.

The "Holiday Loop! Bus Art Tour" occurred on Sat, Nov 16, 2013 too.

Next, we parked along West. St. Clair Street near the Warehouse District. We browsed and shopped along the St. Clair Street. We spent a good bit of time and money in one of our favorite Toledo area stores: Art Supply Depo, buying gifts for our nieces.

Along St. Clair, we browsed the art and crafts in Seed Co-Working & PRIZM Holiday Boutique, Scrap4Art Encore Boutique, the joenstas gallery, and Shared Lives Studio Gallery, and a new florist next door to the Downtown Latte. We ended our time on St. Clair Street a little after 5:00 p.m., and the Downtown Latte closed at 5pm, which seems odd. People were still milling about.

After our shopping, we dined at one of our favorite restaurants: Sori Sushi.

A fine day.

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