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Driving in a real Toledo winter

( my Jan 1, 2014 comment in this ToledoTalk.com thread about roads not being maintained well during a snowstorm. )

When I walked the dog this afternoon, I noticed that Douglas Rd was mostly clear and slushy wet, so that stretch of road received heavy attention. Even Bowen Rd through the neighborhood was mostly clear and wet. But hey, the 1%'ers get special treatment.

Temps for the past 24 hours have remained in the teens. The snow continues to fall. The snow is extremely fine-grain, lightweight, and powdery. I don't know if those dynamics work against the snow removers any more than a heavy, wet snow with temps around 30 degrees.

It's probably going to be tough for the snow removal crews over the next couple days.

The forecast calls for temps to remain in the teens tonight and Thursday with at least 3 to 5 more inches of new snow possible by Thursday evening. And the wind speed is expected to increase tonight and Thursday. In open areas, that powdery snow will move around easily. Friday morning's temps will start out below zero and will warm barely above 10 degrees.

It's entirely possible that people may have to drive differently than they would on a sunny, July day. For a change, it's actually winter in Toledo, and I think that means snow on the roads at times if my memory is correct.

But will Toledo drivers be able to handle a real winter? Quote from an outgoing Toledo City Paper writer:

Toledo, you have your problems ... terrible, terrible, terrible driving manners — I mean really, comically, medically bad drivers are on your roads and likely in pickups ...

Maybe by next week, driving around here could be like the Sault Ste. Marie and Paradise, Michigan areas. But they do plow the roads in the UP. Although the traffic is not quite like rush hour in Toledo.

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