Cheese Toastwich

(Post adapted from my Jan 18, 2014 comment in a thread.)

I first learned about "grilled cheese" when I was a junior or senior in high school. One day, the high school cafeteria's menu board advertised grilled cheese. I thought, what the heck is grilled cheese? How do you grill cheese?

But when I saw the food item, I recognized it by the only name that I had ever heard it called while growing up in eastern Ohio: "cheese toastwich." I never heard anyone call it grilled cheese. It was always cheese toastwich.

I still like a cheese toastwich with tomato soup. I like to dip my cheese toastwich in ketchup. But now I've upgraded the bread considerably to either my own naturally-leavened bread or bread from Zingerman's. Plus, much better cheeses.

Grumpy's sells a tasty cheese toastwich.

To me, grilled cheese means Cheese Racing.

How about a grilled cheese cheese toastwich truck?

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