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Web and mobile development using Perl, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript

(Day 1) - Gabor Szabo - $250

At the end of the course you will be able to build two things:

  • A web application with Perl Dancer framework as a back-end which is also mobile enabled.
  • An installable mobile application for Android devices and iDevices that can run stand-alone or have a Dancer-based back-end.

The objectives are very far-reaching and it will require a lot of work during the two days of the course, but I believe the hard work will bear fruits.

This course should be accessible without a lot of background. That is, while it will make it a lot easier for you to follow the material if you already know some of of these technologies (Perl, Dancer, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript), none of them is strictly required as a pre-requisite. People who register to the course early will get pointers to materials they might want to read before the course.

During the class we'll create a relatively simple application. You will follow the creation of the application and implement some of the code yourself.



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