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I could go wrong if they don't have a Belgian style beer.

Currently, the Attic offers La Trappe Dubbel on tap. That's a fine Trappist beer. We enjoyed a couple of those on Saturday night, during SoundTrek. Only 10 "official" Trappists breweries in the world.

We brewed a Belgian Dubbel on Saturday. A few days ago, we opened our Belgian Trippel that we brewed last month. One evening this week, we need to bottle the Saison that we brewed on July 4. And this weekend, we'll brew a Belgian Wit, during a large group brewing day.

Holy Hell! Thank you for this thread. I need to pay closer attention to what's happening. Look at Swig for today.

This should be a national holiday in our country.

Chimay and Rochefort are Trappist breweries. I've enjoyed the Blue and Red labeled Chimay. I have not tried the Chimay Trippel, so hopefully Swig still has some left later this evening.

You can find bottled Rochefort at local stores, and both the 6 and 10 are excellent. The Rochefort 10 ABV is over 11 percent.

I have not tried Duvel. That's an old brewery. Framboise, not a fan of lambics. Ommegang is a New York state brewery that produces Belgian style beers. The Bier Stube offers an Ommegang Abbey Ale (Dubbel) on tap.

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