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IN 27 at (6) OH St 42 - Nov 22, 2014


[OSU] trailed the 34-point underdog Hoosiers 20-14 after Tevin Coleman sped 90 yards for a TD midway through the third quarter.

A problem with humanity or at least with militant, whacko Ohio State Buckeye football freaks:

Marshall lost two fumbles in the Buckeyes' 31-24 win at Minnesota seven days before, but more than made up for those mistakes on a sunny and chilly day.

Marshall was ripped by Ohio State fans on social media after the fumbles.

Subhuman, pieces-of-trash use social media to rip a young person around the age of 20 for how he played in a football game. What losers. Those cretins deserved to be ripped on social media. They've probably accomplished little in their lives, so they take out their problems on others.

Sure, the big college football programs are a huge business, and the university and the league make big money off of these players, and the players are on scholarship as alleged student-athletes, but only vermin lose what little minds they have and attack a college athlete on the web.

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