Small businesses that don't have their own websites

An Apr 21, 2015 comment in a Toledo Talk thread about Theo's Cafe, located on Summit St in downtown Toledo.

Foodie posted at 01:04:46 PM on Apr 21, 2015:

Anyone know if their menu is available online anywhere? I called them and the person I spoke with said there's a copy on Facebook. I didn't see it.

The regular web weeps. Another small business that does not maintain its own website.

That happens a lot anymore with small businesses. Damn annoying, but what are you gonna do?

The business owners are too busy running their businesses. It's easier to create a Facebook page, I guess.

It's not hard to buy a domain name and point it to a Tumblr blog that contains basic info.

But "not hard" may not be the same as "easy."

The process needs to be nearly one-click simple. And updating pages also needs to be as simple as using Facebook.

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