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Snarky, tear-down content

It's a common writing style because it's easy to do, and many people enjoy it because it makes them feel good when they read about others getting verbally torn down.

Humans have a desire to see successful people and projects fail.

For some years, I created that type of belittling, satirical commentary on my message board ToledoTalk.com. My targets were mainly local politicians, who deserved scorn and disdain. But I also went hard at commenters who I disagreed with.

I had no patience for lazy thinking, and I verbally scorched those types of comments. The threads got raucous at times. The political brawls were intellectually stimulating and fun. For a while.

But then it got boring. It's easier to ankle-bite than it is to construct. In the physical world, I would prefer to hang around the constructors or the makers than the destroyers and whiners.

I still enjoy first person, opinionated writing. Sometimes, I act all authoritative and create that type of content here at jothut.com. But I'm trying to consume and create less of this type of writing.

Maybe that's why I created separate, niche blogs in 2014 that focus on my other interests.

Overlap exists. Some content from jothut.com and birdbrainsbrewing.com will reside at maketoledo.com. I'm migrating my related content from toledotalk.com to maketoledo.com. Whew.

Eventually, in some year, I hope that jothut.com becomes the home for ALL the web content that I've created since 2001. Or nearly all of it.

I created a lot of web content for the Ohio Young Birders Club, since I managed its website (the version prior to its current look), but that content is gone from the current site. I managed to save some of my posts.

Maybe I'm preferring a more cerebral-style of fact writing and opinion writing.

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