May 12-14, 2015 Nature Observations

Around our home and neighborhood.

On Tue, May 12, I noticed that our spirea bushes had started to bloom in a few places.

On Wed, May 13 and again this morning, Thu, May 14, I saw a WTSP in our backyard.

During my walk with Barney on Wed, May 13, I heard multiple PISI in an oak tree, one block north of our house.

This morning, May 14, during my exercise walk, I heard a PISI in an oak a few blocks south of our house.

Good migrating bird song continued for each day this week, including this morning. The TEWA continues to be a common songster. I heard another SCTA this morning. Nearly everyday, I hear an SCTA somewhere in our neighborhood. Also BAOR and RBGR.

Several warblers sing each day around our home and neighborhood.

Heard EAWP this morning a few blocks south of our home.

REVI is the most common vireo.

The catmint in our backyard started blooming within the past week. That was one of Comet's favorite plants.

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