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Around home nature notes for May 18, 2015

In the oak trees around our home, the oak tree flower began falling on approx Fri, May 15, 2015.

The spirea bushes were at full bloom on Sun morning, May 17.

The Lilies of the Valley began blooming early last week, around May 11.

The small white flower that grows from the lawngrass-like plant was blooming on Sun, May 17. This plant begins popping above the ground in January or February.

Hostas are looking good. Some of the Tall Coreopsis plants are at least two feet tall.

Last week and the week before, I thinned out at least 50 percent of our Tall Coreopsis, and I thinned out some Sawtooth Sunflower. Maybe this will allow more plants to grow taller. I may continue to thin out the shorter stalks.

Our garden plants are doing okay. I need to pick some lettuce that grew from plants that purchased at the farmers market a couple weekends ago. And I need to pick some sorrel that is from last year's planting. I need to thin, I think, some of the lettuce that I planted from seed in early April.

The middle oval crunchbeery shrub finished blooming and dropped its petals by the end of last week, Fri, May 15. It goes fast. At May 4 or May 5, the perm-rose-colored blooms existed. Then the blooms were all open by May 8. The petals turned brownish by May 12 or so, and then they dropped

Purplish catmint flowers are still blooming.

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