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Tt post about web site colors - sat, jan 23, 2016

"if anything black on a medium to light grey is easiest on my eyes."

The text color here is not quite black. I use hex code 222 instead of 000, which is black.

MIJeff, try these options for changing the background color at TT:

Click this link to return to normal.

Interview with a designer: http://pi.co/erik-spiekermann

There’s a certain contrast. Total black and total white is horrible. That’s why books are nice, because they’re not totally black or totally white. We like a little softer.

Occasionally, I still use pocket notebooks. And when outside on a sunny day like today, writing on the off-white paper of a Moleskine notebook is more comfortable than using the white paper of a Field Notes notebook.

I think that long ago, it was recommended not to use a white background on a website that was text heavy. Maybe that had more to do with old screen technology. The original Netscape browser defaulted to a grey background for websites that did not specify a color. Toledo Talk started with a grey background. But eventually, it seemed that a white background became the norm for most websites.

In the olden days, web links used to be underlined. Then it became cool not to underline the links, which is also how it works here now. But now I prefer links to be underlined because on some websites, the color contrast between a link color and the text color is not great enough. That's a problem here too when an unvisited link is embedded within a large body of text. It must a little frustrating for people with some color blindness. I could see not underlining menu links, but maybe links within the body of a post should be underlined.

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