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Facebook's Instant Articles does NOT help the Open Web

Nor the #Indieweb which is the term that I prefer.

I enjoy reading Dave Winer's blog posts that are related to blogging and other technology. I don't have to agree with him all the time.

Two recent DW posts:

I think that Instant Articles only works when viewing Facebook on the phone.

I tested this last spring when Facebook made the initial announcement, and NatGeo had their bee article in IA format. I think that was the reason why I installed the Facebook app on my phone. I have since deleted the app.

Facebook's Instant Articles feature does not work when viewing Facebook with a web browser on a desktop/laptop. And IA does not work when using a mobile web browser.

IA only works when using the mobile app on a phone. Unsure about a tablet.

A native app is not the open web. The web and the internet are not the same. The internet is the network, and the web is one of many "programs" or protocols that use the internet.

The internet is the highway. The web is one of the automobiles, using the highway.

A native app uses the internet. The web uses the internet.

My May 2015 post about IA:

Instant Articles is only a mobile app.

More Instant Articles :

When viewing those IA links within a desktop/lap

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