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- 2017-10-18T22:50:27Z
Checking in from Colorado. My stay in New Mexico was very refreshing. Tomorrow, back to NYC to complete my next product ship. This one has nothing to do with web publishing, it's something new that imho shouldn't be. ๐Ÿš€

- 2017-10-18T23:12:42Z
Got a notice from NY State that I've been automatically re-enrolled in my ACA-based health insurance. Some parts of the system are working.

- 2017-10-17T21:55:49Z
Suggestion: Choose to not be offended, at least once a day.

- 2017-10-17T14:53:09Z
What if we lose the First Amendment? It's a serious question that deserves serious thought. All the reporting about stamping out fake news on Facebook amounts to suppressing speech. It can't be done without suppressing the First Amendment. And since the current govt is run by this fascist, you should expect that news would omit stories about Puerto Rico, govt sabotage of health care, even the Harvey Weinstein story might not have come out considering how much El Presidentรฉ has to hide.

- 2017-10-17T15:51:02Z
Sometimes serendipity is worth noting. I was posting a link to this fantastic piece by Jon Chait about the last act of John McCain's political career. The software I use, a linkblogging tool I wrote called Radio3, presents a random slogan above the edit box. The slogan was especially appropriate to the piece. Finally, hopefully before it's too late, McCain-the-Maverick is showing up.

- 2017-10-17T00:06:25Z
I am a non-conformist. If you tell me I have to conform to your way of thinking I say no. And not with respect.

- 2017-10-16T15:24:09Z
I've been trying to write this morning, but everything I write comes down to this. Humans have made a total mess of everything. I could write more, but it would amount to the same thing.

- 2017-10-16T00:06:34Z
Took a long drive from Denver to Taos today. On the map it's supposed to take five hours, but I took nine. Lots of stops. Listened to a bunch of podcasts including two Sunday news shows. Conclusion: the best Republican liar is Tillerson. That guy is slick. I didn't hate his lies. But Lindsey Graham and Netanyahu, they just plain out lie, no spin. Insulting to the intelligence of the listener. I can see why Trump likes them.

- 2017-10-16T00:52:43Z
When I was driving cross-country in the mid-2000s, I remember wishing that I could ask the maps app to tell me what Starbucks were on my route, not nearby. I wasn't going to backtrack to get coffee. They have it now. I wanted to pick up groceries before checking in. I searched for groceries, it gave me a chance to search on my route. It presented a list of choices along with how much time they'd add to my trip. A button next to each one offered to add it as a stop. Smooth as silk. Another bonus, Google Maps says "Welcome to New Mexico" a mile or so before you see the official sign. It was a surprise and made me laugh. I guess what's next is the Google Home interface for the Maps app.

- 2017-10-16T00:08:59Z
Very slow Internet at the place I'm staying. Barely faster than a 1990s dialup. I guess it's via satellite. I may have to use the Google Fi Nexus phone, if it's faster. Or find a Starbuck's.

- 2017-10-16T00:10:00Z
Best podcast I listened to was the Longform interview of Michael Barbaro of the NYT Daily podcast. It has become the Visicalc of podcasts. I think everyone is listening to it. I don't miss an episode. He of course talked about the famous interview with the coal miner, but left out the best part, the thing he got dinged for the most (at least of what I heard) -- not challenging the guy on his opinion that coal didn't cause climate change. I totally supported that. I wanted to hear the guy's story and have the interviewer just let him say his piece. We know the arguments. It wouldn't have added anything to the story. Also, he defines the Daily as a podcast about the reporters who report the news. And the Longform interview was a podcsat about the podcast about the reporters who report the news. I wondered if another level is possible, but for now I couldn't imagine it.

- 2017-10-16T00:13:54Z
I get a lot of ideas when I do long drives in the western US.

- 2017-10-16T00:20:16Z
Someone should do an interview with Hoder about life in Iran for young bright entrepreneurial people. The deal Obama did with Iran wasn't just about the military, it opened up Iran to the rest of the world, and as you might expect from an intelligent population of an ancient civilization, they are rebooting. The theory is that the hardliners will have more trouble being jerks internationally if their citizens are bringing home lots of money trading with the rest of the world. It's a theory that works. It's why what Trump is doing is so wasteful and sets us back. It's not just about nukes.

- 2017-10-16T00:25:00Z
CBS had an interview with the Iranian chief diplomat, who speaks good English and repped his case well. The snotty Repub they interviewed to balance it of course lied, bigtime. Iran is not on the UN Security Council. DIckerson is performing a service, by clearly stating reality knowing (probably) the Repubs will just lie. He's telling the listeners the truth. They should have an alternated channel with narration, sort of a translation. What he really means is.. That kind of thing.

- 2017-10-16T00:22:54Z
Did you ever wonder where North Korea got the money for their nuclear program? Planet Money has the answer. Kim Jong Un has let an entrepreneurial class develop. They say he's funding it with tax money. How about that.

- 2017-10-16T00:14:25Z
Watched the first two episodes of Mr Mercedes, expecting it to be drek, and was surprised at how good it is. I knew the story because I read the book. The book started great and then like a lot of late Stephen King books got bogged down in smarmy bullshit. Most Stephen King movies/shows are crap, like the recent It. Some of them make great movies like The Shining, Carrie, Shawshank Redemption. This one is promising.

- 2017-10-14T11:12:01Z
Good morning sports fans!

- 2017-10-14T11:12:08Z
Today's a travel day. Headed to Boulder, and then to New Mexico tomorrow. I want to enjoy some mountain air, hikes, change of perspective. I should be blogging once I arrive at the other side. ๐ŸŽˆ

- 2017-10-13T16:00:51Z
JY is helping with yesterday's query. 2nd opinion(s) sought.

- 2017-10-13T20:14:21Z
A Twitter thread I wrote without benefit of Electric Pork. Freestyle. I think it's pretty good. It starts out like this: "Twitter users who think you are a customer. You are not a customer. You are the product."

- 2017-10-13T16:08:43Z
I knew when I saw the web that's what I had been born to do. Just because people want to use Facebook doesn't change that simple fact.

- 2017-10-13T16:13:25Z
The last phone booth in Manhattan, possibly.

- 2017-10-13T13:54:43Z
One thing's for sure, if we want to have a chance to survive we're going to have to start seeing the good in each other.

- 2017-10-13T13:37:27Z
Yes indeed NYT, Silicon Valley is not your friend but the open web is. As often is the case, corporate media has trouble seeing anything but corporate tech. But before there were tech companies, there was the web, which sprung from academia. It instantly wiped out the business models the tech industry had for networking, all of which were designed to lock users in. It took a couple of decades for Silicon Valley to re-establish lock-in, at least partially because news let them take over their distribution system. It may not be too late for the open web, but it needs a lot of help.

- 2017-10-13T13:45:37Z
Michelle Goldberg writes about sexual harassment. She has only experienced it once, in college. Her theory, she has only worked in organizations with women at the top. That fosters an environment of respect.

Why I empathize with Twitter - 2017-10-13T18:34:13Z

In 2003, almost by accident, the company that I founded but had left, surprised me by directing requests to a popular domain to one of my colocated servers. I tried to keep it running but there was too much traffic. I couldn't do the work required to stabilize the service, i had a new job and my health was still iffy after heart surgery, and I would have had to buy a bunch more servers, and there was no revenue to support it. So I had to turn the service off. Really the only choice was to risk my health, and spend a lot of money.

A few of the users went on a campaign aimed at punishing me personally. Many of them had empty sites on the service, they had never published anything, so they didn't have anything at stake. I completely disclosed what happened. None of the bloggers referred to my post or the podcast I did explaining. They kept right on attacking. I appealed to blogging friends but they wouldn't say anything in my defense.

Eventually the story was covered by mainstream journalists, and guess what -- they listened, and told my side of the story too. The ranters wanted something else, certainly not the truth. Most of the users just wanted their sites back. Quietly I worked with them, and got every one who wanted one a backup of their sites, personally, on my own time.

I waited it out, they got tired I guess, but never forgot how awful they were. That's why I empathize with Twitter.

- 2017-10-12T14:29:10Z
Braintrust query: Error handling in mySQL package in Node.

- 2017-10-12T14:26:07Z
Little Outliner tip: If you keep LO2 open all day every day, when you start work in the morning, reload the page. There's some kind of performance issue in the app that causes it to get slow if you leave it running too long. Reloading the page is the same as quitting and relaunching an app. Fargo didn't have this issue. I must be doing something differently, but I don't know what it is. Still diggin!

- 2017-10-12T15:31:45Z
A message to people who are angry at Twitter.

- 2017-10-12T14:44:56Z
It seems to some, all men are responsible for the worst of men. It's analogous to blaming all Muslims for the acts of "Muslim" terrorists. It's one of the reasons I talk about "Christian terrorists" -- to make the point that it's a form of racism to connect a religion to the acts of murderers. So perhaps, instead of talking about "men like Harvey Weinstein," try "rapists like Harvey Weinstein." That would help.

- 2017-10-12T14:49:13Z
BTW, I look like Harvey Weinstein. So I realllllly resent it when people say he looks a certain evil way. Please. The awful stuff isn't on the surface. That's why body shaming is the worst thing. And it applies to men too.

- 2017-10-12T15:47:11Z
It's a good time for the closing monolog in Killing Them Softly.

- 2017-10-12T14:30:18Z
Idea for a new social net: Last night Doc Searls was in one of my dreams. I don't remember what we were doing. But it was nice to see him. What if there were a place I could go to record that event. And what if by chance Doc recorded that I was in his dream last night. Then we'd know there was some kind of cosmic connection. How would we know if we don't have an app for it? ๐Ÿ’ฅ

- 2017-10-12T15:23:04Z
I see parallels in the way people attack Twitter today and the way the music industry reacted to Napster in 2000. The great thing about Napster was that ALL the music was there. And it sort of had an API. It could have developed into a music operating system. But it was attacked, and broken into pieces. And once that happens you know they almost never come back together.

An email to Doc worth preserving - 2017-10-12T16:50:39Z

Hey it's like everything. I'm amazed that we still listen to journalists. I finally got re-awoken when I heard Rachel Maddow ranting about FB ads and Russia the other day. Did she somehow think that a human being at Facebook could have been involved in the content of the ad or who it was targeted at? It's all based on keywords and pointers to stuff on the web.

And how could Russians possibly know how to speak American English or know what our divisive issues are? Well they could have gone to school here. We are a remarkably open society. They could read academic journals, or watch conferences on livestreams, or even go to the conferences. They could read Nate Silver and Jon Chait and many others, the same columnists that Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes read. Russia must have people who do what our CIA does. Read everything they can get their hands on and look for all kinds of changes and vulnerabilities. How do they think espionage works? You think they need help from Cambridge Analytica? Maybe there is a linkup there, I hope so -- but you're insulting our intelligence if you think the Russians can't carefully study us, the way we certainly study them.

I came away wishing they'd do a one-day training for journalists about how Facebook ads work. If they don't learn we're going to have the same kind of debacle that we had w Hillary's emails.

- 2017-10-11T16:06:43Z
Braintrust query: In SQL do updates accumulate or overwrite?

- 2017-10-12T01:28:06Z
BTW, if you're a regular reader of this blog, you can and should call me Dave. I don't like fancy names. I'm kind of a beatnik. And when you call me Mr Winer I am reminded I never got a PhD and that makes me sad. But I get over it quickly. ๐Ÿ˜

- 2017-10-12T01:30:22Z
We hear a lot re men mistreating women. Here's some gender balance.

- 2017-10-11T22:31:52Z
What happens when a tornado intersects with a fire.

- 2017-10-11T20:58:33Z
Reporters of all people should have open minds and be good at listening. But I find it's the opposite. It's a very closed world. I've had a little taste of it from the inside when I wrote for Wired a bunch of years ago. It's not a good thing for a profession that depends on listening.

- 2017-10-11T17:24:16Z
I'm going to be in Boulder on Saturday night, if anyone wants to get together for dinner, or drinks. I remember there's a pretty good Mexican place with Margueritas. If you're doing a Boulder startup, tell me about it. I did office hours in 2008 in Boulder with Techstars it was a lot of fun. We can talk about Node, browser-based apps, how to save the world from Trump, you know the usual stuff. ๐Ÿš€ ๐Ÿ’ฅ

- 2017-10-11T15:48:07Z
So, I just signed up for Caviar. They deliver Shake Shack in my neighborhood. And I found out they also deliver Momofuku. I'm hooked. Then ten minutes later I get an email from offering a 15 percent discount if I order today. You think they have a spy?

How to freak out Donald J. Trump - 2017-10-12T00:36:26Z

1. He tweets out something outrageous.


Enter an emoji using HTML encoded chars - 2017-10-11T21:02:16Z

First, I wish there was a table somewhere with all the emoji and their hex equivs expressed in HTML format, like this: F4A9; But it's not so bad, you just have to do it for yourself.

  • Look up the char on this page, and copy the "code point value", something that looks like this: U+1F4A9.
  • Remove the U+ part.
  • Add &#x at the beginning and a semicolon at the end -- yielding: 💩

Here are the translations of a few characters:

  • poop == U+1F4A9 == 💩
  • fire == U+1F525 == 🔥
  • neutral_face == U+1F610 == 😐
  • smile_cat == U+1F63B == 😻
  • clap == U+1F44F == 👏

- 2017-10-10T20:14:26Z
10-minute podcast on Harvey Weinstein, in two parts, two stories. Please listen generously and be kind in your criticism.

- 2017-10-10T23:08:30Z
Video of the destruction in the California fires.

- 2017-10-10T23:03:19Z
It's a good time for one of the universities to have a one-day training for reporters on how Facebook ads work. How to use the software. Let's get in front of the problem before news makes another mess like the one with Hillary's email.

- 2017-10-10T19:49:26Z
If you find yourself saying someone else must shut up, you're very likely wrong.

- 2017-10-10T16:36:57Z
Carl Sagan used to say that humanity is the cosmos becoming self-aware, coming to "know itself." I always thought that was a super elegant idea. Well, Bob Corker saying the White House is adult day care is, in a similar way, the United States deciding to know itself, to tell itself the truth. Now reporters can quote him, saying what they could easily have said before, and imho should have. News has become news for lawyers. They're all trying to prove what's obvious, that we're reeling and teetering and sputtering on the edge of a cliff, with a guy juggling nukes in both hands and while they're in the air tweeting insults at everyone and anyone. It's as if Don Rickles and Joan Rivers were running the world, and they weren't just comedians.

- 2017-10-10T17:56:26Z
SQL question: When I say a value is varchar (255) does that mean in every row it takes up 255 chars in the database?


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