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Using the Links web browser

Text-based browser. Good for testing a site to ensure that it reads well without JavaScript and CSS. And a good way to view the web quickly.

sudo apt-get install links

From the man page:

links - lynx-like alternative character mode WWW browser

I began using the lynx web browser in 1996. I installed a text-based web browser on Vax/VMS, and it may have been lynx.

As of Sat, Apr 23, 2016, I'm still using the following Links browser on my home Linux computer:

  • Links 2.7

ESC display menu
^C quit
^P scroll up
^N scroll down
[, ] scroll left, right
up, down select link
->, enter follow link
<-, z go back
g go to url
G go to url based on current url
^G go to url based on current link
^R reload
/ search
? search back
n find next
N find previous
= document info
\ document source
| HTTP header
* toggle displaying of image links (text mode)
d download
s bookmarks
q quit or close current window
^X cut to clipboard
^B copy to clipboard
^V paste from clipboard
^K cut line (in textarea) or text to the end (in field)
^U cut all text before cursor
^W autocomplete url
Alt-1 .. Alt-9
switch virtual screens (svgalib and framebuffer)

Keys for braille terminal:
arrows move the cursor
enter follow link
a cursor to status line
w cursor to title
^Y next link
^T previous link
y next word
t previous word
^O next form field entry

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