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JR: Veery Blog App - April 2015 - June To-Dos For the Perl API and client code bases. within API code, write to caching server. modify how title is processed and change both client and API code. add rss shortform (first X-number of chars for intro text) done longform (entire post)... more>> 10 min read
- Aug 03, 2015 - #veery #go #nodejs #perl #couchdb #programming #blogging

JR: Scaup web publishing app update as of Feb 21, 2015 - Minimal web publishing tool. Formatting can be created by using markup syntax from Markdown, MultiMarkdown, Textile, and HTML. Tech used: Ubuntu Nginx FastCGI Perl HTML::Template CouchDB Memcached Feb 25, 2015 update working on the API code ... more>>
- Mar 02, 2015 - #scaup #blogging #couchdb #perl #programming

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