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JR: Veery Doc List - #veery Readme Feature List User Guide Veery-flavored Markdown API API - Short Version NoSQL Doc Types Curl Testing
- Dec 02, 2015

JR: Veery Curl Testing - Markdown version - #veery url_to_link=no Read a Single Post Grab my profile page. Currently, the default is to return HTML only. curl This produces the same thing. curl Returned JSON: { "status":200, "description":"OK", "post": { "author":"... more>> 6 min read
- Oct 28, 2015 - #veery

JR: Veery NoSQL Doc Types - url_to_link=no Three "doc" types exist. If Veery used SQL, these would be three separate tables. Author curl { "_id" : "MrX", "_rev" : "1-435be1729c60657a333adee6e190869d", "type" : "author", "name" : "MrX", "email" : "mrx@... more>>
- Oct 22, 2015 - #veery

JR: Veery Blog App - April 2015 - June To-Dos For the Perl API and client code bases. within API code, write to caching server. modify how title is processed and change both client and API code. add rss shortform (first X-number of chars for intro text) done longform (entire post)... more>> 10 min read
- Aug 03, 2015 - #veery #go #nodejs #perl #couchdb #programming #blogging

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