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JR: Detroit Facts in 2013 - 25 Facts About The Fall Of Detroit That Will Leave You Shaking Your Head 1) At this point, the city of Detroit owes money to more than 100,000 creditors. 2) Detroit is facing $20 billion in debt and unfunded liabilities. That breaks down to more... more>> 6 min read
- Nov 10, 2017 - #detroit #politics

JR: Hanoi vs Detroit - (In a June 2013 thread, this is my one and only comment that's rooted in some sarcasm with the hope to inflame the political brawlers.) "Socialism by every definition." Hanoi, Vietnam may be a nicer place to live than Detroit, USA. ... more>> 1 min read
- Nov 10, 2017 - #detroit

JR: 2003 posts about the Detroit Tigers - (This post was originally created in May 2013.) The 2003 Detroit Tigers were the worst team in Major League Baseball history. The Tigers went 43-119. The 1962 expansion NY Mets lost 120 games, which is the record. But that Mets team gets a pass bec... more>> 5 min read
- Jan 15, 2014 - #sports #baseball #detroit #mlb #blog_jr

JR: Media and Detroit - Detroit maintains 13,000 government workers but has 22,000 government retirees burrowed into the body politic, and their health-care subsidies alone account for nearly $200 million of the citys budget. Pensions alone already account for a quarter of ... more>>
- Oct 08, 2013 - #media #politics #detroit

JR: HN user's description of Detroit - September 2013 Hacker News thread that points to Sep 15, 2013 Detroit Free Press story titled How Detroit went broke: The answers may surprise you - and don't blame Coleman Young? For the true Detroit experience, stay the weekend at the Motorcity H... more>> 2 min read
- Sep 16, 2013 - #detroit

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