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Toledo Saturday morning - 26Oct2013

Chilly, overcast morning with temps in the 30s and strong winds blowing.

I walked Barney around the neighborhood. He has no problem with the cool weather, which works better for him.

Farmers Market

After walking Barney, I shopped at the Toledo Farmers Market and purchased:

  • bread
  • eggs
  • carrots and sweet corn from Kurt Bench
  • Bea's Blend coffee beans - Kenyan
  • apples

It was trick-or-treat at the farmers market. The vendors passed out candy to kids dressed in Halloween costumes.

People were bundled up at the farmers market with the raw wind blowing hard through the stalls. Felt more like November.

Kurt said he we would be selling at the Toledo Farmers Market for at least two more Saturdays.

Black Kite

After the farmers market, I visited the Black Kite Coffee shop.

(I'm still at Black Kite as of now, 12 Noon. It's a bustling place. A lot of people are here. People of all ages, including infants. Multiple families are dining here. 40 to 50 people nearly pack the place. It has been like this since I arrived around 10:30 a.m. I've been reading the book "The Design of Everyday Things." The book shows that I'm not the only one who gets annoyed by the boneheaded designs of simple things.)

I ordered the apple French toast. It was a large serving, enough for two people, but I finished it. It was scrump. The Zingerman's bread, the baked apples, the cinnamon, and the real whipped topping all made for a tasty meal. The whipped cream was definitely "real" because it was not overly sweet. I only used a smidge of syrup because the inherent flavors in the entire dish did not need any enhancing.

I drank a large cappuccino, and then I ordered the small "hand pour," coffee made with dark roast, and this was a tasty drink.

At least three cooks prepared food in the kitchen. They cranked out some other tasty-looking meals.

While at the Black Kite, a six-piece Bluegrass band came in, setup, and started jamming. Some singing, but they mostly played instrumentals. The group consisted of an upright bass, a banjo, two acoustic guitars, and two fiddles. They sounded good.

At about Noon, it was tough to find a seat in the Black Kite. Either it's a special Saturday, or the Black Kite has become more popular in recent months. With the music, food, coffee, and people, it's a fun place to hang out on a chilly day.

I left Black Kite at 12:30 p.m.

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