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My thoughts on the Toledo Zoo

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The content below is from my July 2008 posts at ToledoTalk.com

I'm specifically ripping on the Zoo's $7.5 million playground that allegedly is suppose to educate kids about nature when a trip to the library to read about nature and a trip to the outside to see real nature would do more.

I'm not a zoo guy. Seeing animals caged in a "natural" setting does not do it for me when I can venture out to our fine wildlife areas, nature preserves, and parks and observe nature in the wild. But I understand that many people don't like to walk. They need air conditioning in the summer and warmth in the winter. They need a french-fry stand, and crap like that nearby when observing critters, and the zoo provides those comfort features for the lazy-types.

I'm last the last person that needs to be told about the economic impact of the Toledo Zoo. The zoo can easily justify the need for taxpayer support because of the zoo's proven return on investment to the local economy. I view the Toledo Zoo strictly from a numbers standpoint :

  • Over the last ten years, each levy dollar the Zoo received has returned $6.50 in LOCAL economic activity, creating jobs outside the Zoo.
  • From 1996-2005, The Toledo Zoo had a $664 million economic impact in LUCAS COUNTY.

And here's info I posted in 2003 or 2004 to my old, defunct site ToledoArts.com :

A new study shows the Toledo Zoo is providing a substantial return on taxpayer investment. Executive Director Bill Dennler says the study indicates for every tax dollar the zoo receives, it generates about 8 dollars in local economic activity, and the zoo's annual impact on the local economy is estimated at 70 million dollars. Also, the study says people from outside the zoo's primary market area spend 22 million dollars per year at local businesses when visiting the zoo. The study was conducted by the Center for Policy Analysis and Public Service at Bowling Green State University.

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