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Tablet-based restaurant menus

(My Feb 1, 2014 comment at ToledoTalk.com)

Revolution Grille's menu tablets are also Android-based. The hostess placed the tablets on the table as we were seated. The server, however, was still very knowledgeable and helpful. I liked the design of the menu on the tablet. It contained simple lists, organized by categories with a home menu link. For most items on the menu, "clicking" the item caused a photo of the item to appear. By hiding the images until they were clicked, this kept the menu simple and short and easy to use.

The software is called Menuvative created by Imenutech, located in Ann Arbor. Main Street Ventures also uses Menuvative in its restaurants.

To further enhance the guests dining experience, MSV integrated Imenutech’s Menuvative tablet menus into its restaurants which allows for wine pairings, digital imagery of plate presentations and detailed menu descriptions. MSV was nominated for the National Restaurant Associations’ Operators Innovator Award (2012) in recognition of continued advancement in technology for use of Menuvative.

Video of the Menuvative software, featuring Revolution Grille.

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