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Another mass littering event - balloon release

Another example of human stupidity. Anti-nature, anti-environment.

The Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota plans to release 60,000 balloons. The group claims that the balloon release is eco-friendly. Imbeciles. They are regurgitating propaganda from the balloon industry. Yeah, Big Balloon.

Law enforcement should issue 60,000 fines to the foundation for littering. It would be a good way for local government to make money. Local governments are always looking for a convenient money grab. Ah, the police will probably be busy with an unconstitutional motorist checkpoint.

From the late March 2014 post at the Balloons Blow Facebook page:

"No balloon is "biodegradable". All released balloons return to Earth as ugly litter. Animals, marine & terrestrial, wild & domestic, have been killed by latex balloons - a slow & agonizing death."

Mass Littering Event!

Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota plans to release 60,000 balloons to honor the 60,000 people in the community who have epilepsy.

This organization has gone to great lengths to deceive the public, even reciting balloon industry propaganda, suggesting their latex balloons will harmlessly biodegrade. EFMN is actively recruiting individuals & organizations from Minnesota & North Dakota to participate in their mass littering event.

The foundation claims to have consulted with Minnesota
Pollution Control Agency and the Department of Natural Resources and plans to go forth with their event. Local Tires Plus, Savers, & Party City have partnered with them offering to fill balloons for releasing. We, along with many others, have contacted Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota, but they refuse to reply.

We have pleaded with them to reconsider the release of 60,000 pieces of trash into the environment, offering several alternatives. The good people of Minnesota with epilepsy deserve a dignified tribute, not one that will only litter the countryside with ugly, deadly trash.

Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota - 1.800.779.0777 twitter @EpilepsyMN

Executive Director
Vicki Kopplin

Communications & Data Coordinator
Maggie Smith

Melissa Becker
Marketing & Communications Director


Minnesota Dept of Natural Resources Central Office
(888) 646-6367
twitter @mndnr

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
Air Quality Complaints - balloon release - 651-296-7300
twitter @MnPCA

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