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About Augusta National Masters Gold Tournament Green Jacket

Augusta.com story

  • It's the classic three-button style, single-breasted and center-vented.
  • Made of tropical-weight wool (about 2 1/2 yards per jacket) from Forstmann Co. mill in Dublin, Ga.
  • That brilliant rye green: Pantone 342.
  • Estimated cost to make: $250. (Although no club spokesperson will confirm this publicly.)
  • Made exclusively since 1967 by Hamilton Tailoring Co. of Cincinnati.

  • Logo-stamped brass buttons made by Waterbury Button Co. of Cheshire, CT. Breast-pocket patch made by A&B Emblem Co. in Weaverville, N.C.
  • The owner's name is stitched on a label inside.
  • The winner doesn't keep the presentation jacket he wears on Sunday -- he's later given a custom-made version to keep.
  • Tournament officials watch as leaders emerge in the final round and try to have a few appropriate sizes on hand.
  • Sometimes they guess wrong. Jack Nicklaus was given a ridiculously big 46-long in 1963, which he said "looked like an overcoat." When Nicklaus came back a year later, the club still had not made a jacket that fit, so he borrowed one from former N.Y. governor Tom Dewey, a club member. Nicklaus eventually ordered one himself from Hart, Schaffner and Marx in 1972.
  • After a year, the winner must bring the jacket back to Augusta National and never wear it outside the club again. But there have been exceptions. Gary Player got into a heated exchange in 1961 with Cliff Roberts after he mistakenly left his jacket in South Africa.
  • Sam Snead was the first Masters champion to get a green jacket, in 1949, to make him an honorary member. It was then awarded to all past champions retroactively.
  • The original purpose of the green jacket, as envisioned by Cliff Roberts, was to identify club members as "reliable sources of information" to visiting non-members -- and to let waiters know who got the check at dinner.
  • Traditionally, last year's winner presents the jacket to the new champion at the tournament's end.


Pantone 342

While most other sports present their champions with objects that glisten in trophy cases or on ring fingers, the winner of the annual Masters tournament wins a blazer—a loud one at that. It comes in a shade of green called “Pantone 342,” nicknamed “Masters Green” because it matches the rye grass of the fairways at the Augusta National Golf Club.

Sporty and lightweight, the single-breasted, centervented jacket is tailored from approximately two-and-ahalf yards of tropical-weight wool. The inside is lined with silky smooth Bemberg rayon, and the exterior is adorned with gleaming brass buttons and a stately patch emblazoned with the Masters logo stitched to the handkerchief pocket.

Hamilton Tailoring does not accept orders from the general public, which is why you don’t commonly see pantone 342 fashioned at your local municipal course.

Google images for pantone 342

The Whole Foods logo uses pantone 342?


Pantone / PMS 342 / # 006b54 Hex Color Code



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This is poignantly illustrated by what is surely the most esoteric item of Augusta National trivia. The option of a special bespoke green jacket, tailored exclusively on an individual made-to-measure basis by Henry Poole of Savile Row, London, whose client list over their 200-year history includes Charles Dickens, Winston Churchill, Charles de Gaulle and a full range of royalty. “We are very proud to have been working since 1996 with Augusta National, who we visit twice a year and carry out special bespoke orders,” explained a director, Simon Cundey, whose family have been working for the tailors for several generations.

“There were blazers in many different shades, including Laurel Green, Forest Green as well as Hunter Green,” he remembers. “This was due both to the various different manufacturers and tailors down the years, and also to a lack of quality control over the many individual bolts,” he explains, referring to the roll, or ‘piece', of cloth which can accommodate several years of orders.

Golf geeks often refer to Hunter Green or No. 342, as defined by the catalogue of Pantone, Inc., the internationally acknowledged colour standardization service based in Carlstadt, New Jersey. But Cundey confirms that the precise colour of what is now referred to as Masters Green is technically distinct from Pantone 342 – which renders redundant those jokes about Augusta sharing the shade with Cleveland and Colorado state universities, Ralph Lauren's Polo fragrance and the national flag of Turkmenistan.

“It was a 90-degree June day and we went outside to go through some 20 samples of fabric. This was narrowed down to three and we went home and made a blazer in each, from which to make a final decision.” The green light went to what is known in the rag trade as the Super 100, a pure wool, twill weave with a superior serge finish, weighing 9 oz (per-square-inch). So while many members and champions still opt, more conveniently, for an off-the-peg Hamilton, golf's ultimate status symbol is weaved in the private mills of West Yorkshire.

As well as their twice-yearly visits to the club itself, Henry Poole tailors travel elsewhere in the United States for personal fittings at the homes of Augusta National members, who include “CEOs of the great companies of the USA”, though surprisingly few Masters champions. Arnold Palmer, however, illustrated the level of detail afforded by both club and tailors, when mentioning to Hootie Johnson a few years ago, that that he found his 9 oz blazer too warm.

“We then worked on developing an alternative, lighter blazer – a Super 120 serge with an even finer,more fragile, yarn that requires a lot of precision and care to tailor effectively,” says Cundey, who now offers members a choice of both medium-light and super-light versions. (Henry Poole also supplies club blazers for The Country Club, Brookline, in a more substantial 10 oz fabric suited to the more northerly Massachusetts climate.) The finished article usually requires two fittings and, given the international logistics, takes three-six months to complete. As well as the fabric (and the fit), the Henry Poole blazer differs from the Hamilton in a few other subtle ways.

looks too dark: Cascade 220 Yarn #8893 Hunter Green
Fiber: 100% Wool
Weight: 100g - 3.5oz
Yardage: 220yds
Needle size: US 7 - 8
Gauge: 4.5 - 5sts per 1"
Care: Handwash and flat dry.

Their hunter green looks too dark and their green looks too light. If I had to pick one, I would pick green. Actually, the darker blue-green is a closer approximation. May need to see the yarns in person, or find another vendor.



Paint: Hunter Green ME432 - close??

Thu, Apr 9, 2015

Today, is the first round of the Masters golf tournament. Next year, I need to have my 'green-jacket' zip-up sweater ready. Crochet. Preferably using wool from Stonehedge Fiber Mill that's close enough, color-wise.

Would hand-dying be an option? I assume the dyeing occurs before the wool is spun into yarn. Now that would be a project.




hunter green
blue spruce


Thread from last year when watching the Masters.

JR: (RE:) http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/devil-ball-golf/masters-stories-legends-behind-famous-green-jacket-234338509--golf.html -- " Several club members have chosen to use the tailor Henry Poole of Savile Row, London, for specially tailored jackets."
- Apr 12, 2014 - thread - reply

JR: (RE:) "The famous green coat is available only to Masters winners and Augusta National members. Mr. Heimann told the Cincinnati Post the Augusta National accepted his offer to make the custom jacket about 35 years ago."
- Apr 12, 2014 - thread - reply

JR: (RE:) Feb 2012 story: http://www.augusta.com/masters/history/ohio-firm-fashions-green-jackets-from-georgia-cloth

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