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Toledo, Ohio the Venice of the Midwest

First, the snark, since this is the Internet:

Blade - Fight against blight needs fresh ideas - "City's abandonment, ugliness must be reversed"

Fresh idea: Toledo should transition toward being the Venice of the Midwest.

Douglas Rd near Laskey on June 25, 2014

2.20 inches of rain fell in 90-minutes over West Toledo this afternoon, swamping some roads, during rush hour traffic. With that much rain falling in a short period of time, some street flooding is expected, I guess. Toledo Express Airport averages 3.57 inches of rainfall for the entire month of June.

This area must be a swamp because the anti-mosquito truck sprayed our neighborhood last weekend.

For some reason, the above stretch of Douglas Rd typically floods when we get a toad-strangler. The Douglas Rd flood zone is located by the Douglas Square Apartments, north of Gracewood, and just south of Laskey. I heard that Sylvania Ave flooded by the Family Dollar store near Drummond, and that's also a usual flooded spot.

Today is June 25. Same thing happened six years ago today.

Toledo Talk - June 25, 2008 - Heavy rain and the usual street flooding

Douglas Rd near Laskey on June 25, 2008

Toledo experienced a rough stretch of several torrential rainstorms during the June-July period from 2006 through 2008. I assumed it was some kind of Opal Covey curse because we chose Uncle Carty in 2005.

Past Toledo Talk threads and comments:

Douglas Rd near Laskey on July 14, 2006

Douglas Rd near Laskey on June 3, 2007

  • July 2, 2008 comment about street flooding
  • July 8, 2008 comment about more street flooding

The next time that little bar/restaurant along Douglas near Laskey changes ownership, it should have a nautical theme.

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