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Let's not have fun in downtown Toledo

Apparently, one side consists of:

  • Food truck vendors
  • Downtown Toledo Improvement District
  • Toledo Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Former Mayor Mike Bell

And apparently, the other side consists of:

  • ICE
  • Foccacias
  • Mud Hens
  • Current Mayor Mike Collins

Crazy question: Did both sides ever meet together to discuss their concerns and to create an agreeable solution?

I'm guessing not, based upon this morning's Ottawa Tavern Facebook posting which said:

... this type of legislation is a knee jerk reaction to something that needs no legislation.

If no gathering occurred, then the Collins administration is being embarrassingly one-sided and narrow-minded on this issue.

Mayor Collins is proposing new regulations because of this :

  • it’s great
  • I feel like I’m in Chicago!
  • People are very excited.
  • enjoying the synergy
  • We’re trying to invigorate Toledo
  • Downtown workers like the idea too.
  • This is cool.
  • It’s nice to see something different downtown.
  • I just like it — period.
  • People are loving it.

Yeah, that sounds like a lot of lawlessness. We need new regulations because some vendors and many downtown employees and visitors are enjoying themselves too much.

As mentioned earlier in this thread, the food truck vendors already have to comply with numerous laws and regulations.

I could understand new regulations if the food truck vendors were destroying property or causing mass littering, but I think we already have laws against those activities.

What destructive behavior are the food truck vendors engaging in that requires Mayor Collins to propose new regulations? Lunch food competition? Is that what Collins defines as destructive behavior?

Or is this all politics? Maybe some people donated money to some campaign last fall, and now it's time to return the favor. I imply nothing.

Jan 3, 2014 Toledo Blade story

D. Michael Collins officially became Toledo’s mayor on Thursday with the promise to revive a century-old adage: “You will do better in Toledo.”

The 2014 version:

"You will do better in Toledo if you are politically connected."


New contribution:

makeit=it hard for people to have fun

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