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My Blog post from September 8, 2001 - Bird migration slow at the moment

In August 2001, I installed a blogging tool called Greymatter on a free Web hosting site called Hypermart. This became my personal blogging setup. When Toledo Talk began in January 2003, I stopped using my personal blog site. In 2003 or 2004, the free hosting site announced they would no longer be free, so I downloaded and saved my blog postings. The blog post below is unedited, so it may contain numerous spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors.

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09/08/2001 "Bird migration slow at the moment"

No birding today because of the southerly winds which has allowed for a summer-like day, with temperatures in the mid-80's along with higher humidity.

The winds need to be out of the north for the passerines - songbirds - to make their Lake Erie crossing which is normally done at night and thus, providing good birding the following morning.

The raptors funneling down from Canada around the Great Lakes and crossing into the U.S. just south of Detroit also need northerly winds. Raptors don't cross water because they rely on thermals - rising pockets of warm air - caused by the heating of the ground which means they obviously migrate during the day.

Thunderstorms have been occurring in the area since this afternoon so maybe a cold front will be moving through and causing the winds to switch to the north-northwest. I will check the maps later. Sunday afternoon could be good for raptors.

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