Toledo still struggles with the concept of garbage collection

My Sep 30, 2014 comment

Councilwoman Webb said:

"I heard the mayor is interested in creating managed competition situation ...

... we do not need to spend time looking backward."

What is the meaning of 'managed competition situation'?

More from the Blade story:

Paul Rasmusson of Republic said the arrangement saves the city money.

“If you look at the city’s 2010 budget, that line item is gone. There’s a $6 million savings,” Mr. Rasmusson said. “We have optimized routes and we run fewer trucks, [which] results in fewer miles and fewer gallons of fuel.”

“[Toledo] can’t afford to open the pools they opened this year, so how could they afford to hire supervisors, drivers, or trucks?” Mr. Rasmusson said. “The city has to be experts in other things like making sure the water is safe to drink, [and that] we have police and fire protection.”

Hah! He played the swimming-pool card and the safe-drinking-water card.

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