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TV viewing update - October 2014

Our TV is too old to receive the digital signal, and I never obtained a converter box.

No cable and no satellite TV, so it's just Roku and DVDs for us. Or even better, we don't watch much TV at all anymore.

I watch movie DVDs when walking on the treadmill, located in our basement.

I "watch" the Browns by listening to them on the radio, which allows me to work on other things too.

I thought that I would miss watching the NFL on Sunday afternoons and Sunday nights, but nope.

Besides, I can't sit still that long anymore when I have other interests. And the TV commercials are annoying.

I get my football viewing fix by attending UT games.

TV shows that air on Hulu Plus contain very short commercial breaks, but these are far less annoying than regular TV.

my proposed Oct 8, 2014 comment to the TT thread.

Excerpts from an Oct 6, 2014 The Atlantic story titled How TV's Sports Addiction Could Destroy Its Business

... the price of carrying ESPN on cable is growing by 6-8 percent each year.

... the price of expanded basic cable has grown 6 percent annually since 1995.

Expanded basic cable is 188 percent more expensive than it was in 1995, but the typical U.S. family is about 5 percent richer.

In fact, the median income of an American family, even after you adjust for household size, is no greater than it was in the late 1990s.

ESPN's core audience, young men, might be having the worst time of any age-gender demographic in the post-recession economy. They might not have full-time jobs, but they do have smartphones and Internet, which can provide access to hours of entertainment that doesn't require cable.

... the story behind today's headline is that the cable bundle as it currently exists can only get more expensive ...

Without live sports, the bundle becomes worthless for tens of millions of families. With live sports, the bundle risks becoming unaffordable for tens of millions of families.

We don't have cable nor satellite TV. Our TV is too old to receive the digital signal over the air, and I never acquired a converter box.

Our TV viewing is done with Roku and DvDs. I thought that I would miss the NFL games this fall, but not far. Besides, we're busy.

I "watch" the Browns by listening to them on the radio. That way I can do other things too. Watching TV takes too much time.

Although this Sunday with the Steelers playing at the Browns, I may have to visit the OT for a bit.

I get my football-viewing fix by attending UT games.

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