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Redemption City Church - Vision meeting notes - Sun, Nov 9, 2014

Website: Redemption City Church

The church held its first service on Sun, Oct 26, 2014. DD attended the second service. I tagged along for the third service. Impressive beginning.

On Sunday evening, November 9, the church held a meeting to share its vision with the public.

The meeting ran from 6:00 pm to approx 7:15 pm. I think that at least 50 people attended.

The meeting included an explanation of RCC's vision, introduction of the Leadership Team, and a Q&A period.

(I typed these notes within the IA Writer app on my iPhone, and then later, I copied the notes here for editing. The Field Notes pocket notebook and Zebra F-301 black pen remained in my shirt pocket. The analog tech, however, is a good backup.)

My Notes

The meeting was held at the RCC's offices, located in Arrowhead Park.

Stat: 80% of new churches fail within five years.

Stat: If attendance for a new church reaches 100 people by the six-week mark, then the chance of that church succeeding increases dramatically.


  • simplistic service
  • excellence without extravagance
  • gospel focused
  • reference the writings of Paul
  • Jesus - humility and surrender
  • 'Life Groups' is a strategy. It's value is community.

RCC will donate 10% of its donations to other churches or orgs.

New churches are 3 to 5 times more effective at reaching new people than evangelism.

RCC's startup cost: $100,000.

Before publicly launching, RCC spent approximately 10 months planning with a small group.

Currently, Steven Whitlow is the only staff member.

The Leadership Team consists of four others.

Redemption Church will eventually offer communion once a month.

Steven worked at Cedar Creek for eight years. He had no plans to create a less-funded version of Cedar Creek. His goal was to create a different church.

RCC: serve, donate, and collaborate locally.

RCC has formed a partnership with Western Avenue Ministries, located in South Toledo. On Dec 7, 2014, RCC's Sunday service will be held at Western Avenue Ministries.

Internationally: Some church money will be donated to international organizations, but at the moment, RC has no plans for mission trips.

RCC's startup funding came from individuals. More than 50% came from RCC people, and 40% came from people not affiliated with RC, but they wanted to see the church begin. (So I think this means that RCC does not owe anyone money.)

RCC uses space at The Pinnacle. No plans now for RCC to obtain its own property and building. The Pinnacle is cost effective and spacious enough.

RCC By-laws: Only spend 35% on payroll. RCC will go slow with hiring new staff.

Before hiring a new person, the church would like to make budget for three consecutive months, minus the payroll that they would use for the new hire.

RC budget breakdown:

  • 10% to the city fund for use at orgs within Toledo
  • 35% to payroll
  • 20% to RCC ministry and operations
  • 35% to building expenses

A couple areas where people can help RCC:

  • youth programs
  • hospitality, which includes setup, tear-down, and greeters

RCC Handout

(At the Vision meeting, attendees received a handout. This is the info.)

Foundational Beliefs

  • Belief 1: Only the Gospel of Jesus can redeem a life (Romans 1:16)
  • Belief 2: Humility and surrender are marks of a redeemed Christ follower, as modeled by Jesus (Philippians 2:3-4, Matthew 20:26-28, Act 20:24)
  • Belief 3: Jesus is redeeming all things and through the local church we can be a part of the redemption process (Rev. 21:1-8, Matthew 28:18-20)

Mission Statement

Redemption City Church (RCC) exists to see Jesus redeem lives, relationships and our city.

Cultural Values

  • Professionally Excellent: Hospitality and customer service, kids and student environments, musically and artistically. (2 Chronicles 29:11)
  • Theologically Rich: Gospel centered approach to impact people at every stage of Spiritual Growth (Gal. 2:14)
    • Reach the lost without losing the reached.
    • Develop the growing without alienating the lost.
    • Motivate the mature without confusing the growing.
  • Culturally Engaging: Eliminate the ceiling of ministry by unleashing opportunity for people to engage and experience their greatest ministry potential. (Matt. 25:14-30)

Ministry Structure

  • Weekend Service: Preaching, music, kids and students, hospitality
  • Groups: Exist to facilitate and create Godly relationships
  • City Engagement: To serve, donate, and collaborate in ways that impact our city
  • Spiritual Formation/Church Planning: To train in order to release

Next Steps

  1. Start to serve - hospitality, kids or production
  2. Connect with Steven - Steven.Whitlow@redemptioncitychurch.tv
  3. Join a Group - starting in January 2015

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