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Test post - 11Nov2014

Just messing around. I'm typing this, using the enhanced writing area, which is a JavaScript-based feature, instead of the simple, HTML textarea box.

I used ctrl-j to shift to a mode that contains no buttons, no split screen, nothing. It's not full-screen mode, left and right. I still use margin space when using the ctrl-j mode. But it's full-screen vertically.

The only item visible is the cursor and the text. And when hitting F-11 within the browser, the browser's menus and bars disappear. Very simple screen display.

Then I used ctrl-d to switch from the default black text on the white background to light grey text on a black or nearly black background.

I'm typing this in our computer room, but I have the lights off. A nearby hallway light is on, so the room is not totally dark. Some light-glow exists.

This light grey text on a dark background works fine in this setting with very little electric light in the room.

Autosave should still work, but no message is displayed. I can, however, execute ctrl-p to preview my formatting. And I can hit ctrl-s to force a save.

I can also hit ctrl-h to reduce the number of lines displayed to only five. The five-line display is centered vertically and horizontally on the screen. Margin spacing still exists at the left and right sides. I can type 73 characters wide.

I'm listening to the UT at NIU football game, playing on AM 1370 WSPD. The Huskies lead the Rockets late in the 4th qtr by 3 points. NIU driving.

4th and 4 for NIU at the UT 27. Actually, 7:39 left in the game, so not that late. NIU leads 20-17. NIU calls timeout. It would be a 44-yard field goal attempt.

NIU went for it on 4th down and completed a pass for a six-yard gain. Running play, and now NIU is at the UT 10 or so. A two-score lead would be tough for UT to overcome this late in the game.

NIU run to the 2. NIU hurries to the line. Another run scores TD. NIU runs the QB read option.

27-17 with 6:39 left. But UT can score quick.

Rockets have 4th and 3 deep in their own territory after they had 2nd and 1. I'm unsure what play UT ran on 4th down, but it failed to convert.

NIU takes over at UT's 29.

Tonight's winner would have the inside track to representing the MAC West Division in the conference championship game. It's looking like that will be NIU.

UT's final home game will be played next Wed, Nov 19. We plan to go. Long range forecast shows the game may be played with temps in the upper 20s to low 30s.

NIU went 4 and out. UT used its timeouts. UT took over with over two minutes left.

UT driving. UT at someone's 45-yard line. NIU's 45.

Nice pickup on a run. UT inside NIU's 30. 3:37 left.

UT now at NIU 16. 2nd and 1. First down. Around the 10. UT could make it interesting.

Pass, incomplete. UT did well on this drive by mainly running. 2:52 left. 2nd and goal around the 9 or 10.

Pass, complete to the 2 yard line in bounds. UT hurries to the line. 3rd and goal at 2.5.

Run, TD!!! Impressive. 2:14 left. PAT is good.

27-24, NIU leads. No timeouts left for UT, so the onside-kick is up next.

Onside kick ... not yet ... NIU called timeout ... maybe to build suspense.

I think UT started its 3rd-string QB tonight due to injuries to their other QBs.

Onside kick ... to near side ... bouncing around ... covered by NIU. The ball did not go far enough, anyway. Apparently, the kicker did not get the high bounce on the onside kick.

UT may not be able to get NIU in a 4th down situation.

NIU ran two plays. Clock running. 3rd and 6. Run, short of first down, but now the clock will run down to zero.

Wait, flag. Penalty on NIU, holding. UT declines. 4th down. Clock running. And now based upon all of that, NIU cannot let the clock run to zero.

NIU takes delay of game penalty. 4th down. 10 seconds left. UT will need a miracle play.

Punt away, fielded, and the returner intentionally went down, since he had no room to run. That leaves 3 seconds left. The brisk wind is at UT's back.

Too bad UT was not closer to midfield.

Pass, short pass, caught, pitch back, and nothing much. Game over.

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