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Reporting Toledo issues with the City's new mobile app

You can try complaining with the city's new mobile app that was introduced last summer. Excerpts from the Blade story:

The city cooperatively developed the custom app with SeeClickFix and tested it starting in June. The cost to Toledo taxpayers was $16,000.

The app allows residents to report a range of issues to the city directly from smart phones, tablets, or computers. Users may pinpoint problem spots on a map, select from a category menu, describe a requested action, upload a photo, and leave notes.

Reports may be made under user names or anonymously, and users can track their complaints’ progress and be notified when they are acknowledged and resolved.



The City of Toledo is launching a new way to report your most common complaints, including:
  • Unsecured Abandoned House
  • High Grass, Weeds
  • Nuisance Property
  • Sidewalk Problem/Bad Condition
  • Street Alley Cleaning Request
  • Street Potholes

SeeClickFix is a phone application that can be used on all Smartphones and iPhones - the free download takes seconds to install and can be downloaded through Google Play, the Apple Store or from the SeeClickFix webpage.

SeeClickFix works best when you are at the location of the issue you want to report. The app automatically locates where you are, lets you take a photo of the problem and makes it faster and easier to direct City resources to where the problem is.

By answering just a few questions, your complaint is submitted and you will receive an email or a message response letting you know we received your report. As your issue goes through the resolution process, you'll receive updates and a message when the investigation of your issues is completed.

If you don't have a cell phone that will run the SeeClickFix app, you can report complaints from your personal computer below:

Instead of using a cell phone, you can click the above City of Toledo website link and complete the form at the bottom of the page.

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