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Not for me. I'll continue to use my "enhanced" JavaScript editor that I "created" in the summer of 2013. Around that time.

I did not create it from scratch. I downloaded someone else's open source code and modified the code to work the way I wanted. I added features.

For my Junco, Grebe, Scaup, and Veery web publishing apps, "my" JavaScript editor has been modified slightly for each web app. It now sends JSON requests to my API code instead of packaging JSON within a url-encoded POST to the API.

My modified editor has always received JSON from my API code.

Anyway, about ContentEditable:








Obviously, ProseMirror is well-done and sophisticated, but I'm not a fan of WYSIWYG, nor do I like live-preview.

In the video, it appears that ProseMirror requires a mouse for formatting content. I wonder if that's true. I use my enhanced JavaScript editor on my iPhone 5C to create and update posts.

Within my HTML textarea boxes and within my enhanced JavaScript editor, I type the formatting commands in Textile, Markdown/MultiMarkdown, or HTML.

Nearly all of the time, I use Textile. I've been typing in Textile since 2005.

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