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We still have them. But more surveillance is always better.

Obviously, Toledo is sitting on a mountain of cash to fund a drone program.

But if we don't have the funds, then unigov will permit Toledo to take money from Sylvania, Maumee, and Berkey to fund drones in Toledo.

On Mon, Aug 18, 2015, the city held a public forum to discuss Toledo's five murders that occurred in about five days. It's possible that Olander Tom got his drone light bulb moment from this forum.

If one were to examine the circumstances of these recent murders, how in the hell would drones help?

Wed, Aug 12, 2015 Blade story

Seven people were shot since Sunday in incidents across Toledo, continuing an uptick in violent crime that includes five killings in less than a week.

Those five deaths occurred from four separate incidents.

Three victims were shot, one was stabbed, and one was killed with a large weapon, possibly a hatchet.

The latest victim was struck by a series of gunshots about 12:15 a.m. Tuesday. She was sitting with friends on the porch when a gunman opened fire.

Police responded after 9 a.m. Monday to a stabbing.

Police reported the fatal shooting about 3:20 a.m. Monday. The two men were found dead inside a parked car in an alley. ... each suffered a gunshot wound to the back of their heads.

[Another man] was found dead about 6 p.m. Friday at his residence. [He] had a head injury from a weapon larger than a knife, possibly a hatchet, according to the coroner's office.

Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson announced late Tuesday the city will organize a town hall meeting to discuss the violence.

From the Blade's Aug 18 story about the public forum:

... more than 100 people gathered Monday to share their concerns about the city.

Police Chief George Kral heard residents’ observations for nearly two hours.

Their suggestions ranged widely and included improving recognition of mental health concerns, buying body cameras for police officers, and focusing policing on gangs.

... a more courteous attitude from officers on patrol would go a long way.

Chief Kral said even a several-fold increase in officers can unfortunately not stop many homicides from occurring.

Send in the Drones

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