Trust in Media - Sep 2016

The 2016 data is skewed and skewered by this year's presidential election pro wrestling-like circus.

"Gallup poll: trust in mass media falls to 32%, eight points lower than in 2015, with only 14% of Republicans trusting it; overall level is lowest since 1972"

“Republicans who say they have trust in the media has plummeted to 14 percent from 32% a year ago. This is easily the lowest confidence among Republicans in 20 years,” the analyst noted.

Among Democrats, the number is 51 percent, among independents, it is 30 percent.

I'm surprised that the trust rating was at 40 percent a year ago.

It must have been some other kind of survey about the media that showed the level under 10 percent. I don't remember what that was.

But show me a journo who thinks it is media's fault - rather, they will argue that users/readers are stupid

When journalists get their info from social media, audiences find the reports less credible

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