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- 2019-11-13T21:18:41Z
The Nets signed Iman Shumpert, a good way to get Knicks fans interested. Last time the Knicks were good he was one of the stars. And Kristaps realizes no one in NY likes him. It's true. But where does a unicorn hide?

- 2019-11-13T21:04:38Z
I requested my Yahoo Groups backup a few weeks ago, and got the download today. Lots of zipped files in various formats. I'm going to try to hold onto my download as long as I can.

- 2019-11-13T20:47:10Z
How about a holiday where every computer in the world reboots. It would be interesting to see how many don't come back up.

- 2019-11-13T20:44:58Z
If the Repubs in the Senate vote to leave the criminal in the White House that's probably okay because that's the end of the Republican Party. Only way to come back from this is if they manage somehow to destroy the record.

- 2019-11-13T13:17:27Z
Protocol is a new tech pub from the publisher of Politico. Launching in early 2020. They announced it in a Vanity Fair piece (paywall, lots of noisy dialogs). I'm in tech, have been reading tech pubs for almost 40 years. It's been a long time since one was worth reading, sad to say. But wouldn't it be cool if this one was different? They have a great web address. Why not start out with a blog about the creation of the pub, and when they're up and running it could transition to their "public editor" function. Take criticism from readers, new perspectives. I know it's weird but I expect tech pubs to make good use of the tech. I'd also like to know who's writing for them, the Vanity Fair piece doesn't have that info.

- 2019-11-13T12:58:39Z
Today's impeachment hearing will be on all the major networks in the US and on C-SPAN. Starts at 9AM Eastern.

- 2019-11-13T14:29:23Z
How is it that Kellyanne Conway married someone who is so clear, thoughtful, even eloquent about Trump and our country.

- 2019-11-13T14:50:34Z
The hearing today is going to set the tone for further reporting on impeachment. At least it affords the Democrats the chance to do that. Hopefully they rise to the occasion.

- 2019-11-13T13:36:43Z
Just tuned into MSNBC for their pre-discussion of the hearings. Oh the epic vacuousness of their diatribe. After an insipid idea is completely exhausted, they repeat it. Once I finished vomiting in the waste basket, I decided I had to tweet about it. Done.

- 2019-11-13T13:12:05Z
Fascinating open spreadsheet, via CJR, with journalism salary data by position, publication, location, gender, race. You can see who earns a good living and who should be looking for a new job.

- 2019-11-13T13:20:39Z
BTW, a real tech pub would drop the www in the site address.

- 2019-11-12T16:24:05Z
Here's your smoking gun. Trump knew about Russian hacking of Democratic Party emails. And planned their use in the campaign. The humiliation of the United States is complete. We, you and I, are Putin's bitches. Happy holidays!

- 2019-11-12T22:06:49Z
My vision of the Republican Party is death. There is no redemption. They went over the cliff a long time ago. What remains is cancer. You don't try to rehabilitate cancer, you cut it out and destroy what remains. That's why the new version of the Democrats must piss everyone off equally. No one philosophy matters, at this time, other than adherence to the Constitution.

- 2019-11-12T22:03:47Z
I envision a new version of the Democrats that pisses everyone off equally, but fanatically adheres to the Constitution so our country learns that we can survive, even thrive on disagreement, but we cannot survive chaos and kleptocracy.

- 2019-11-12T17:02:48Z
I have a test version of TweetSucker running on a server. It reads my previous day's tweets at midnight and sends them to me in an email. The body of the email is a sequence of HTML paragraphs. Attached is an OPML file ready to be loaded into Electric Outliner. Here's an example of the OPML file. First impression: I tweet a lot.

- 2019-11-12T15:40:40Z
My longtime Silicon Valley friend Don Park has a truly good idea for a business venture he calls Dropzone. "Turn your garage and spare room into mini warehouses. Brick and mortar retail can't compete with Amazon but this can and why wait for same day delivery if you can pick it up within an hour."

- 2019-11-12T17:18:47Z
Stargazing in the Woodstock area.

- 2019-11-12T17:22:19Z
I have trouble reading the keys sometimes, so I got one of these fancy keyboards.

- 2019-11-12T14:03:14Z
Forget all the complicated arguments about impeachment, this cartoon from Tom Tomorrow cuts through all the quid pro quos.

- 2019-11-11T15:12:19Z
I am starting to think of my blog posts as tweets.

- 2019-11-11T14:50:54Z
The conclusion from yesterday's political tweets is this. Electing a Democratic president in a squeaker is not a win. It leaves the Republican Party alive with a huge electorate that the Democrats could not convert. It they can't do it now, then we'll never get out of gridlock. We're spinning down. We almost defaulted on the national debt. We're not renewing our physical or human infrastructure. Our treasury is easily looted by the rich. The Repubs will win the next election, and the cycle repeats. Squeaking out a win is not winning. The US will continue to decline, as will the planet's health, if we continue on the track we're on. We need a revolution, a fundamental reconfiguration of our political sysem so we can tackle the actual problems we have, not made-up ones. The kind of revolution the founders allowed for in the Constitution.

- 2019-11-11T14:44:51Z
An idea worth considering. Ask Knight to fund a project to catalog and publish all the political ads running on Facebook. This is the implementation of the idea that Joe Trippi liked. That means a lot, he's the only political hacker I know.

- 2019-11-10T20:07:47Z
Nov 7: "Everyone should hear the same lies."

- 2019-11-10T20:02:28Z
Joe Trippi: "The most insightful thing anyone has said in a long time about what has really changed to create our current failure to communicate."

- 2019-11-10T20:17:48Z
Maybe Bloomberg should endorse a candidate that's already up and running. Help elevate them into the top tier. For example, Amy Klobuchar.

- 2019-11-10T17:30:17Z
Poll: Are you looking for symbolic or actual victories?

- 2019-11-10T13:58:41Z
So much great TV coming out in the weeks ahead. I might not get any work done. Right now I'm going through Mr Robot a second time, slowly. It's worth doing, because now the things Elliot says to the audience make sense. After the big reveal on Mr Robot, he looks at the camera and asks "Did you know?" I laughed and said damn right I knew. It's interesting in a different way when you know what's real and what's not.

- 2019-11-10T12:54:57Z
It’s kind of scary how attached some people are getting to Their Candidate. Remember: 1. Most of them will lose. 2. Your favorite will probably lose. 3. We’re all going to support the Dem nominee, no matter how much they suck.

A new two-party configuration - 2019-11-10T14:25:26Z

TL;DR: There are a lot of winnable votes in the 40 percent who are likely to vote for Trump.

Some elections reconfigure the balance between the two parties. Like Nixon, his southern strategy flipped the south from Dem to Repub. He saw an opportunity, took it, it worked, was transformational, and that reconfiguration is still in place 50 years later.

Well never imho has the country needed to reconfigure the balance between the parties more than it does now. The Repubs are being driven to fascism. That's usually a fringe thing in the US, but now is on its way to becoming mainstream. That is if you believe Trump's "base" is fascist. I for one don't think they are.

I think they hate liberal elites who think they know everything, but they think (in the flyover states) that they understand nothing about America. That's a complicated idea, and would take a lot of tweets to explain, but there's something real there. The America they grew up believing in, that many of us did, never was what they said it was, but it's still their core idea of America, and we've drifted very far from it. In their minds America is white, Christian, there's a mom and a dad and kids, and Thanksgiving, guns and self-sufficiency. This America doesn't have any problems. It kicks ass. It rules the world. And the white people dominate (a nice way of saying what it does to PoC's).

The basic grievance they have is this. Look at all the great things they're doing for "others" and I'm not getting any help at all. Take care of me first, and let the other guys pull themselves up like I did.

They feel the way they feel. And you probably have a lot of hypocrisy and lies in your own view of the world, btw. I know the family I grew up in did. Some day I'll write a piece about all the lies they clung to. It'll be a long piece.

Back to Trump's 40 percent. I'm not taling about all of them. Some for sure are real goose-stepping Jew-hating Nazis. But a lot of them just want to hear from a president "I got your back," and then enumerate their fears, so they know you hear them. Even if their fears are off the wall. You can say you hear them without selling your soul, or selling out the former Democratic Party base. And that's how the center-left party can emerge. It'll be called the Democratic Party, but it'll have a lot of until-recently Republicans in it. Nothing wrong with that. The Republicans used to have liberals.

Because the real important split in the US is between people who believe in the Constitution and those who don't. That's so basic. And now in 2019, it's peak season for converting rule-of-law Republicans to lifetime Democratic Party voters. And where the parents go, the kids are likely to follow.

So what's more important? A failed push for Medicare For All by President Warren or Sanders, or a new permanent political reality in the US that solves problems for 50 years led by President Bloomberg, Inslee or Klobuchar? I actually like Bloomberg because he mastered the sensibilities of business management, and has had three terms as NYC mayor to convert that sensibility to politics and governance. He's shovel ready, in other words. More than any of the others including Biden.

As I said at the beginning, this is a time when we could reconfigure the two-party system. There are a lot of winnable votes in the 40 percent who will vote for Trump if we nominate a Warren or Sanders. And if those votes plus minorities, city people and suburbanites could compromise, we could have a big enough majority to fix a lot of things. Things that most Trump voters want. Like to be sure of their health care. More jobs. Spending more money on domestic stuff as opposed to unwinnable forever wars. What they want, in a word, is security. These are all natural Democratic issues, and somehow via lies and Democratic lunacy the Repubs have been able to at least partially usurp them. That's because the Dems don't claim them. They get lost in the weeds talking about health benefits for non-citizens and taking away people's health insurance which for crying out loud is not even what the Dems are contemplating.

Reading Fiona Hill's testimony last night, she's saying something similar about the political system in the US. We're smart, we know how to do big things. There are a lot of good people in the United States ready to kick ass. If you can just get the poltiical stuff under control, America will resume the greatness that it never lost.

- 2019-11-09T13:50:37Z
I'm a member of The John Lennon School of Revolution. "If you want money for people with minds that hate, all I can tell is brother you have to wait."

- 2019-11-09T20:01:28Z
I'm also a proud boomer, and member of The Grateful Dead Party. Our anthem. Wave that flag, wave it high and wide!

- 2019-11-10T00:26:39Z
I read a bit of Fiona Hill's testimony, and she's a badass. Everything we wish Mueller had been, and more.

- 2019-11-09T19:48:09Z
Brilliant tweet. When journalists ask how Warren will pay for something she should say Mexico will pay for it.

- 2019-11-09T19:36:21Z
As a newbie in town, I have basic questions like where to shop for groceries, ride the bike, look at the stars, which airport to fly out of -- really basic stuff. I usually post the question in the private Facebook group for the town. I keep an outline of some, not all of the questions and the best advice, on It's for things that aren't blog posts, stories I want to come back to, edit, refine, add to.

- 2019-11-09T15:09:32Z
Did a little prototyping for the tweetsucker project I wrote about the other day, and noted that the Twitter API toolkit that I use is now marked as not maintained. It still works, but It seems this is something Twitter ought to maintain, or pay someone to maintain. Letting this fall out of sync with the actual API wouldn't be very good.

- 2019-11-09T13:58:27Z
I couldn't bring myself to watch the Knicks game last night with the Mavericks with their new star, and former Knick, Kristaps Porzingas, who for a few years was the embodiment of hope for the team. I was sure the Knicks would be blown away. What a surprise to wake up to find out the Knicks won. I don't think anyone was humiliated, but there's a sadness when you realize how great the team could be now if KP hadn't demanded a trade, had found a way to work with the Knicks.

- 2019-11-09T13:46:23Z
Not sure if this photo is real. It's supposed to be a 2008 picture of Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump, Michael Bloomberg and Bill Clinton. The only thing that would make it better is if Jeffrey Epstein were photobombing. 💥

- 2019-11-08T12:53:00Z
I was filling up at Stewart's on Highway 28 yesterday and a NYPD car pulls into the slot next to mine. A cop gets out, starts pumping gas. I say hey are you from NYC? He pauses and shakes his head without looking at me. For the reservoir? I ask. He turns around looks at me and says yes, with the typical NYPD stare. Let me translate. Fuck you if you keep doing that I'm going to kick you in the balls and cuff you. Even up here in the sticks, it's reassuring to know that NY cops are the same, all the world over. 💥

- 2019-11-08T14:11:26Z
Voters choose based on personality, mostly, not policy.

- 2019-11-08T11:45:40Z
I didn’t realize people take the lack of a warning from Google or Firefox as an endorsement. If they do they’re going to be sorry because bad guys can get secure websites too. This is where the push to https blows up. The next step, obviously, is to make websites register with Google, and have their changes approved the same way iPhone devs do. Quickly this will mean no criticism of China, and of course Google.

- 2019-11-08T11:47:22Z
This is where Elizabeth Warren made a "joke" at the expense of people who believe marriage is between a man and a woman. Humor works, for presidents, only when it's self-deprecating. Otherwise you make a choice, you're the president of everyone, including people with unpopular beliefs, or remain a senator or college professor. Further she throws this at men, for some reason, as if men are the ones who think this about marriage, exclusively. Personally I don't care if you do or don't get married. I don't think the government should be involved. But same-sex marriage is a recent thing, and of course there are people who are uncomfortable with it. Probably MAGA sounds right to them. A president of everyone should re-assure them that they have the right to their belief, and can live their lives accordingly, but they can't control other people. Had Warren said that, that way (without the putdowns) I would have cheered.

- 2019-11-08T11:44:49Z
Are you a 1 or a 0?

- 2019-11-07T14:46:14Z
I'm going to write a tool that sucks down all my tweets from the last day or two into an outline, so I can reorganize and edit them into blog posts. I'm writing too much on Twitter, and working too hard to get the ideas onto my blog.

- 2019-11-07T14:51:19Z
Gates is right. We accept lies in political ads. Always have. But the ability to say different things to different people, that's a new line we should have thought about more carefully. Everyone should hear the same lies.

- 2019-11-08T00:40:43Z
This makes Trump happy and makes me happy.

- 2019-11-07T14:46:54Z
The Knicks were so bad last night, I couldn't watch. And I can't possibly watch the game vs Dallas. Porzingas. I'd rather watch a Trump rally.

- 2019-11-06T16:51:12Z
Something our parents' generation did, which inspired some boomers to try to do something great with their lives.

- 2019-11-06T16:53:31Z
Today's young people practice drills to protect themselves from active shooters. Boomers learned to duck and cover.

- 2019-11-06T16:41:22Z
I was asked by an old friend what I think about lies in Facebook political ads. "I think pragmatically that Zuck is caught between people who lie about the truth, that in most things there is no such thing as the truth, and all politicians lie, and we accept that, and only an asshole would try to impose rules on FB that they aren't willing to impose on themselves." I did a Twitter poll that was kind of an editorial.

- 2019-11-06T15:54:39Z
Hillary Clinton is so relaxed, she says of Rudy Giuliani. "It's almost as if aliens have seized his brain."


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