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Toledo gang sweep collects one gun and 90 traffic citations

My October 2013 comment to this ToledoTalk.com thread.

I'm flummoxed by this Oct 14, 2013 Blade story titled

30 arrested, gun taken by police in gang sweep

Gang sweep? What is a "gang sweep?"

From the story:

A gang sweep last week resulted in 30 arrests, including 18 felony charges, Toledo police announced.

So from that, I assumed the sweeping occurred in Toledo.

More from the story:

The sweep Wednesday involved Toledo police and sheriff’s deputies from Lucas, Wood, and Ottawa counties.

The crackdown also yielded 80 misdemeanor charges and 90 traffic citations and resulted in one gun confiscation. Drugs valued at $1,230 were seized during the sweep.

That's it. That's the entire story.

Sheriff's deputies from Wood and Ottawa counties??
Were they sweeping gangs in Bowling Green and Oak Harbor? I don't understand. Did sheriff departments from other counties participate in a gang sweep in Toledo? Is that a common practice? No offense to sheriff deputies, but "policing" the rural countryside in Ottawa County is not quite the same as "sweeping" gangs in Toledo if that's where this gang sweep occurred.
90 traffic citations from a gang sweep??
Any ideas on the kinds of citations? Bicycle abuse? I wonder if all 90 citations were issued only to known gang members. Maybe it was those farmer gangs in Ottawa and Wood counties improperly operating their tractors. I think the Soybean Gang dislikes the Winter Wheat Gang.
Only one gun confiscated from a gang sweep??
The sweep must have occurred in Berkey.
Only $1,230 worth of drugs were seized??
I would think a couple resident advisors at a local university could seize more than $1,200 worth of drugs from dorm residents.

I wonder how much it cost to pay the police and sheriff deputies.

One gun and 90 traffic citations. A gang sweep.

It might be time for a new fall harvest gang map.

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