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LCRP Jun 11, 2014 meeting recap

Blade photo. Who is the republican meeting attendee, and who is the security person? The gun is throwing me off. I like the pumpkin name tags.

Frigging hilarious. The Lucas County Clown Party should broadcast their meetings over pay-per-view to raise money.

City Councilman Rob Ludeman was one of those who didn’t stay for the final vote for chairman.

“I didn’t feel as a public official I should be a part of it. The anarchy that was taking place there it really was a ridiculous scene, and I didn’‍t want to be a part of it,” he said.

Wait a minute, Rob. Don't bring down anarchy, just because your Lucas County Clown Party is dysfunctional. The LCRP is giving anarchy a black eye. The local, official, unofficial anarchist group will hold a press conference today to ensure the public that real anarchists have nothing to do with the LCRP.

More from the Blade story:

Stainbrook supporter Jennifer Glendening said she was disgusted by the behavior of the Delany faction.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Ms. Glendening, 40, of South Toledo, who has been through two previous central committee reorganizations. “It’s childish. If this is how Delaney runs it, then I’m glad he got booted out of this.”

I don't know if Lucas County still has the Democrat A and Democrat B teams, but it's possible that two republican teams could exist: Team Stainbrook and Team Delany. They need soccer jerseys.

June 2008 - Toledo Talk - Stainbrook takes control of Lucas County Republican Party

Crude sketchitorial. "Fat Chicks have Fun" and "Banned" were songs played by punk band The Stain. A co-worker played in the band, so I attended many Thursday night Stain shows at Frankie's.

My June 2008 comment:

I have not been paying attention to the Stainbrook saga since June 15. Holy moly, it's almost as entertaining as a Stain show back in the 1990's. That's the thing about punkers. You may not like what they do, but at least it ain't boring.

Here's the corrected Blade link to their photo gallery, regarding the LCRP's June 11, 2014 meeting:


"... she was injured by security while being thrown out of the Lucas County Republican Party Central Committee meeting."

Lucas County Thug Party's war on women.

"John McAvoy is thrown out of the Lucas County Republican Party Central Committee meeting."

"Dave White is thrown out."

Lucas County republicans hold a meeting, and a punk concert erupts.

Jun 11, 2014 - 13ABC - Chaos erupts at Lucas Co. Republican meeting - with video of the "discussions"

Screaming matches between members of the public and registered Republicans took center stage at Wednesday night's Lucas County Republican Party Central Committee meeting. Armed security and off-duty officers escorted dozens out who refused to be silenced.


YouTube video titled:

Establishment GOP Chairman's Nazis Assault Heart Patient

The video shows a security person "escorting" an attendee out of the building.

Those "security" people remind me of a Korn show that I saw at the Main Event in 1995 where The Stain opened.

At the Korn show, Stainbrook was one of several Staff or Security people who were hunched down up on stage, lining the front of the stage, throwing people back into the crowd.

This is great. Toledo-area politics is far more entertaining than national politics.

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