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Dining at Registry Bistro in Toledo

(My February 2013 Toledo Talk comment about partaking in a special Registry Bistro wine dinner event.)

On most days, I simply consume food. But when I get to experience spectacular food, like at tonight's wine dinner at Registry Bistro, that's when life is pretty nifty.

Thanks, ahmahler for posting this event here. Our small group had a wonderful time.

The food, wine, service, information, people, conversation, and laughter were three-plus hours of enjoyment. Better than the Super Bowl.

Erika did an amazing job with the French wine pairings.

I wish I had an audio recording or a transcript of Dave's intro to each wine. He provided fascinating information about each wine's origin and history.

I loved that wine served with the fish along with Dave's wine paired with the chocolate and whiskey truffles. And the Champagne served in the meeting area was fantastic.

The food was great, but I think my favorite was the grilled elk dish, but the braised oxtail was also delicious. It was all fabulous.

45 to 50 people attended. The small tables were arranged next to each other in two long rows, so we got to chat with the people around us.

The next wine dinner event is scheduled for Monday, March 4, and it will feature Italian wines. No menu yet, since Erika has to sample the wines.

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