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Small wind farm being built along Lake Erie in Ottawa County

December 2013


Camp Perry filed the FONSI. USFWS objected to it. But the turbine above isn't at Camp Perry. We're now dealing with TWO separate projects in the same area.

) Camp Perry Air National Guard (a federal facility): Camp Perry hired a consultant to conduct an Environmental Assessment (there was no EIS). The study was riddled with errors and state and federal wildlife agencies pointed that out when they received copies. We know, because we requested all documents relevant to the project under the Freedom of Information Act. (The wildlife agencies have been objecting to this site since 2007!) After the agencies sent official comments about the flawed EA, Camp Perry responded with a "Finding of No Significant Impact." The wildlife agencies again objected. Camp Perry countered by requesting that the agencies submit a letter of concurrence. In other words, "We think you should ignore all of the objections that tax-payers have been paying you to register for seven years and just sign off on this project anyway." The agencies have not done that. And Camp Perry is moving forward with the project anyway.

2) Lake Erie Business Park, where the turbine shown, above, has already been erected. Here, they claim that the project is privately funded and therefore not subject to ANY wildlife review. That's right; they are installing six (6) massive turbines in an area of globally significant bird habitat and the project has had no wildlife review whatsoever.

Other comments:

  • Inside info says they are limiting this venue to two wind generators.
  • If you can get inside info, then you are most definitely the minority since the contact people at the business park have refused to speak to anyone - including the Ohio Division of Wildlife!
  • Well here's the deal turn off your lights, TV, electric water heater, furnace, stove, dryer and anything else that uses electric and them maybe we won't need wind turbines.

The people installing these turbines in sensitive areas know that they are wrong and unethical, but they forge ahead.

Another post:

In case anyone is interested...

The company erecting the turbines at the Lake Erie Business Park is called SUREnergy. This is the same company who promoted, sold, and constructed the turbines at Oregon City Schools, the project we battled a few years ago. This company is fully aware that they are constructing wind turbines in a high-risk area -- and they are ignoring the risks.

BSBO reached out to this company in the past to try and encourage them to work with us, but they were unwilling to compromise in any way.

The owner of SUREnergy is Tim Rathbun and here is his contact info:
Contact SUREnergy
319 Howard Drive
Sandusky, OH 44870
Telephone: 888.978.7674

An electronic email form can be found, here:


  • Folks in our area (Logan, Shelby, Auglaize, Miami etc...) battled wind turbine implementation for three years before the turbine people gave up. A key element of concern that prompted a lot of support against the project was negative health related issues caused by invisible ultrasonic pulse waves that permeate and penetrate the area adjacent to the locations of the turbines. These waves pass through structures and yes even our bodies. Studies are inconclusive at present but some individuals suffered acute health issues that disappeared after moving from homes located near the turbines. This also had adverse affects on property values.....I mention this because folks here were a lot more concerned when they found out the turbines affected their health as well as their pocketbook!
  • EA was only done for Camp Perry. The Industrial Park site is privately funded and no assessments were done, if I understand correctly.
  • There were NO, I repeat, NO environmental assessments of any kind conducted before they began the project at Lake Erie Business Park. Camp Perry hired a consultant to do an EA, but it was terribly inaccurate and misleading!
  • For those of you who sent letters and might have received a response saying that the company made repeated attempts to work with us [Black Swamp Bird Observatory] and that we refused -- ironically enough, the exact opposite is true. I sent the proof to R Bruce Richardson and he can vouch for the validity of this statement.



I suggest that you call the state EPA tomorrow and ask what environmental documents were prepared, and if so, can you get a copy of the documents. You should also ask if public notice was given. If there was no public notice given, you might be able to get an injunction.

Thanks, Brooke. We filed for all of the documents under the Freedom of Information Act. ODNR and USFWS complied. Camp Perry did not. We know we could sue them, but we lack enough resources to do so. But the documents we got from the wildlife agencies were enough to prove that we are not alone in our position that this site poses a very high-risk for birds.

When it comes to the Lake Erie Business Park, there was absolutely nothing. No review of any kind because the owner claims the turbines are privately funded and therefore not subject to any review. The plans are for six turbines at that facility. One of them is already being constructed and another is on the ground.

To our knowledge, they have not filed for Incidental Take Permits at either site. Both sites would pose a very real threat to Piping Plover as well as Kirtland's Warbler. And the number of Bald Eagles in the area is astounding.

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