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Guess of what business will move from Arrowhead Park to Monclova Township

(My January 2014 comment in a ToledoTalk.com thread about a secretive business moving from Maumee to Monclova Township. People made guesses as to the business, and this was mine.)

So it's possible that the business would be currently listed on the Arrowhead Park Business Directory.

"Arrowhead has a ton of businesses, most of which aren't exactly name brands to laypeople."

Th third business listed on that directory looks interesting: AboutGolf, makers of golfing simulators.

Again, from the Jan 3, 2014 Blade story

  • erect a 100,000-square-foot facility
  • an additional 150,000 square feet planned over three years.
  • headquarters
  • plant
  • showroom
  • currently employs 68 people
  • would employ about 140 people after three years

September 2007 Blade story about AboutGolf:

Maumee's AboutGolf is doing for golf enthusiasts what flight simulators did in the training of airline pilots.

Using computer technology, military tracking radar, and video, the company's simulators can put golfers on legendary courses such as California's Pebble Beach and Scotland's St. Andrews.

AboutGolf made this year's Inc. magazine prestigious list of the 500 fastest-growing companies in the country.

According to the September [2007] issue, the business grew 935 percent over three years.

The company's explosive growth can be traced to its focus on improving technology through continuing advances in research and development, said Bill Bales, co-founder and chief executive officer.

AboutGolf has about 18 employees at its headquarters in Arrowhead Park and about a dozen at a research lab in Beijing.

LinkedIn page lists AboutGolf's size as 51-200 employees.

This 2009 story states:

MAUMEE, Ohio -- aboutGolf, the world leader in indoor golf simulator technology, has opened a new Tech Center for aboutGolf Labs, announced aboutGolf CEO Bill Bales.

The 10,000-square-foot Tech Center, which officially opened at the end of May, is designed as a dedicated research-and-development facility, and is located in Ottawa Lake, Mich. Included among the many features of the new Tech Center are an outdoor driving range, testing labs and development labs.

Although it's probable that AboutGolf employs more than 68 people, I'll still guess AboutGolf will move to the Monclova property, mainly because I didn't view the directory list much past the first few businesses.

Obviously, AboutGolf's headquarters will move from Maumee to Monclova Township.

Maybe AboutGolf's Ottawa Lake, Michigan research lab will be relocated to the new property in Monclova Township.

I have no idea where the simulators are actually assembled, but maybe that operation gets relocated to the new property too.

I suppose a simulator could use a showroom.

Feb 4, 2014 Update


None of us had the right guess, apparently.

It's Allermuir. A company that designs and manufactures commercial furniture.


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